Adrian Costin Constantin claimed victory in 888poker LIVE's 2018 Barcelona Main Event.

888poker LIVE’s 12-day festival in Barcelona, Spain came to a conclusion on Monday when Romania’s Adrian Costin Constantin closed out a win in the Main Event for €114,025 and the title of 888poker LIVE Barcelona Champion.

For nearly two weeks, the on-the-felt action was fast-paced at Casino Barcelona. Big crowds and 888poker superstars like Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, Sofia Lovgren and Vivian Saliba were all on hand. The 2018 PCA Main Event winner Maria Lampropulos even took down the €2,200 High Roller in the middle of the week for €63,000.

After the 13 of the prelims played out to their respective winners all eyes were focused on the final table of the €1,100 Main Event and its €500,000 guarantee. Players flocked to the tournament with 709 total entries total spanning three starting days. The result generated a prize pool that annihilated the guarantee. A total of €709,000 were up for grabs with a six-figure first place prize promised to the winner.

When the final nine drew for seats at the final table, Spain’s Joel Isla held a fairly commanding chip lead with Constantin firmly second in chips.

Isla got busy early, taking out Poland’s Tomasz Aleksander Chmiel when Chmiel’s pocket eights jammed into Isla’s two kings. Chimel walked with €9,530 for ninth place, adding to this over $200,000 of lifetime poker earnings.

As Isla continued to roll, building a massive chip lead, Constantin got busy breaking down the final table as well. Sirgiu Sirbu from Romania shoved his short stack with a suited Ac4c into the KdJd of Constantin. After a clean flop, the Js dropped on the turn, leaving Sirbu with three outs. The blank river sent Sirbu to the payout desk to collect €12,250 for eighth place.

Right behind Sirbu came the elimination of Italy’s Luigi Andrea Shehadeh. Shehadeh, who took this very event down one year ago, faced a small blind shove from Isla. He made the call holding Ah5s but Isla wasn’t as light as he’d hoped. Isla tabled the AdJc and had the former champ dominated. The board ran out with neither players able to connect and Isla added to his chip surge. Shehadeh added €16,350 to his bankroll for seventh.

Constantin claimed another victim when he picked off the short stack shove with AsJh of Oscar Casado Diaz. Constantin held AdKs and although both paired their ace on the river, kickers played. The local Spaniard Diaz collected €22,150 for his sixth-place efforts.

After a short break, the final five returned to play down to a winner. Isla, who had been holding a commanding chip lead all day, finally lost a big pot when Manuel Navarro Perez doubled through him. The action heated up and after that, the chip stacks evened out making it anybody’s tournament to win.

Italy’s Corrado Martinelli fell in fifth for €27,200 and quickly following him out of the tournament was Romania’s Cosmic Rusu. Russ collected €38,200 for what is essentially his only real recorded cash to date.

Then the final three players began to mix it up. Constantin fell into third after Perez, once again, found a double. Isla and Perez demonstrated a willingness to gamble when they played for one of the biggest pots of the tournament. Perez opened with KcJh which invited Isla to three-bet with 9s9d. Perez put in a four-bet, Isla jammed, Perez tank called and the next thing you know – the pair are flipping for a massive chip lead. The board ran out all baby cards, giving Isla back his chip lead and putting Perez back at the bottom of the chip counts. Perez was out of the tournament 10 minutes later for €55,800.

Unable to come to a deal during a break, began heads-up play with Isla holding a 3:1 chip lead. Constantin battled back and the passed chips, and the lead, back and forth for over an hour.

Eventually, Constantin had Isla on the ropes with a 4:1 chip lead. However, during what would be the last break, the pair agreed to a deal. Both of them would walk with €114,025 and play for the trophy.

The pair sat back down at the table and roughly 15 minutes later, Constantin’s shut the door on Isla and earned the right to be called 2018 888poker Barcelona Main Event Champion in a career-defining victory.

888poker LIVE can be seen around the halls of the the Rio in Las Vegas as an official sponsor of the World Series of Poker. The branded $888 Crazy Eights tournament is set to take flight on June 30.