The guys and gals at 888poker explain just why they've made changes to their tournament collection

With the tournament changes at 888poker in full swing over, the company has pulled back the curtain to show how and why all of this change came about within one of the world’s longest running online poker rooms. 

Building on the introduction of the Made to Play platform in October 2020, the latest iteration of the 888poker multi-table tournament offering provides another important step towards giving more fun poker experiences to the player base. The company asked their ambassadors to reach out to their followers on social media to find out what gets their blood pumping and the type of experience they’re after when playing online tournaments.

“We listen to our players and following their feedback we understand that players want a variety of shorter tournaments, with less re-entries and more players in the money. We want to make it simple and easier for poker players to find a tournament that suits them and make our MTTs affordable and more enjoyable,” said an 888poker spokesperson.

Trying to accommodate the wants and wishes of all player types is no easy feat to pull off, it’s often difficult to make concessions for one party without upsetting another.

“Different players wanted different changes. Players who have kids or a day job the next day wanted shorter tournaments. Regulars and grinders wanted higher guarantees, good structures and higher buy-ins. Some players were asking for more PKO’s. We did our best to offer something for all our players,” the spokesperson said.

And the way poker sites treat recreational players has increasingly been placed under the microscope of scrutiny as of late. Agreeing with Chris Moorman’s breakdown of his favorite changes, more casual players will now less likely have to harbour the usual anxieties they face when logging into their account.

“Recreational players will have more tournaments that don’t take so long. Less re-entries (or none in the case of ‘The Classic’) will mean grinders with seemingly unlimited bankrolls will have less of an advantage. A higher percentage of players reaching the money and bigger min cashes means more players will get a more gratifying experience, more often. PKO’s are also popular among recreational players, and now they can enjoy more of them.

“Other sites are offering tournaments with very deep structures, long late registration and unlimited re-entries, whereas we now offer many tournaments that are more recreational-player friendly. In addition, we have more satellites and freerolls per tournament than our competitors which is advantageous for both recs and grinders alike. On top of this, our new platform and promotions make our MTT’s even more attractive and fun to play.”

To mark the occasion and to celebrate the launch of the new tournament schedule, over $200,000 in tickets and seats to the new tournaments as part of a massive giveaway.

“This fun and generous promotion is running until April 2, and players can win tickets via the Winner Spinner, Gift Drops and also through the daily ‘no-ticket needed’ freerolls.”

Poker players that are unlucky enough to miss out prize giveaways shouldn’t fret too much as there are plenty of ways to enter higher buy-in MTT’s without breaking the bank.

It’s obvious that there’s an anticipation to see how players react to the latest tournaments modifications, but there is a real buzz in the air to see how much more enjoyable it is for players to navigate the platform.

“It’s fun to hear players’ feedback and adjust our schedules and tournaments accordingly. If we had to choose just one change, we are most excited about, it would probably be having a very clear and organized lobby. It’s so easy now for players to become familiar with 888poker tournament offering and identify which tournament is most suitable,” the spokesperson said.

“They’ll know that The Voyage has a deep structure, The Dash will be much quicker, The Big Shot will have the highest prizepools and so on.”