Edurado Pires can now call himself a millionaire after winning the WSOP Online Millionaire Maker on Sunday night. (PokerStars photo)

The 2021 World Series of Poker Online bracelet events on GGPoker are through seven events and Brazilian players have now captured three of them with Eduardo Pires becoming the first player to win seven figures along with the gold after his win in Event #7 ($1,500 Millionaire Maker) on Sunday night.

Joao Simao was the first Brazilian to win a bracelet this year after taking down Event #2 ($1,111 Caesars Cares NLHE) for $206,075. Four days later, Thiago Crema de Macedo won Event #4 ($800 Double Chance No Limit Hold’em) for a $161,637 payday.

Pires came out on top of the 5,437-entry field to win $1,384,013. He wasn’t the only player at the final table representing Brazil. Tauan Naves and Victor Begara also made the final nine and those three players held three of the top four stacks when the final table began.

With blinds of 400,000/800,0000, Oskar Prehm moved all in for 2,925,322 from early position with Ad4h and Naves called from the button with 5d5h. The board ran out 8h8s2hQs6c to give Naves the pot and make Prehm the first final table casualty.

Five minutes later, another one of the Brazilian players took their turn as executioner. Tomas Jozonis open-shoved for 111,173,168 from the cutoff with Ad2d. Begara moved all in for 30,11,034 from the small blind with AsKh and Xiongbin Zhang folded the big blind. The QcJd5c flop wasn’t a good one for Jozonis and as the 8d turn and 4h river changed nothing, Jozonis was sent to the rail in eighth.

Naves took the reigns for the next bustout. Naves min-raised to 2,400,000 from the cutoff with AhJh before Lachezar Petkov moved all in for just a shade under 10,000,000 with Ac9s. Naves called but got bad news on the 9d8h2h flop as Petkov moved ahead. The Js turn changed things however and left Petkov with just a single out. The Td completed the board to eliminate Petkov in seventh.

A battle between two of the Brazilians led to the next elimination. Everybody folded to Pires on the button and he moved all in for 112,812,238 with Kd9d. Begara called all in for 22,932,702 with AsKc forcing Zhang folded his big blind. Everything looked good for Begara on the Qh8c5d flop. He stayed in control on the 4s turn but the 9h river spelled doom for him as Pires made a pair of nines to eliminate his fellow countrymen in sixth place.

After having his kings cracked in a hand against Lukas Hafner, Paul Fisher was left with just 2.5 big blinds. Fisher moved all in for 6,147,246 from UTG with Ad7h. Hafner raised to 14,086,736 with AsKd and the remaining players folded. The board ran out 8h6h3dQd2d to give Hafner the pot and eliminate Fisher in fifth.

With blinds at 1,250,000/2,500,000 (300,000 ante), Zhang moved all in for 21,066,137 from the button with Ad9d and Hafner called from the big blind with Ah5d. Zhang’s domination of Hafner didn’t last long as the Jh8h5c flop gave Hafner a pair to move in front. Neither the 2c turn or 4c river were able to save Zhang from a fourth place result.

When three-handed play began, the two remaining Brazilian players held nearly 66% of the chips in play with Pires holding more than half on his own. After 12 minutes of play, Pires added to his stack at the expense of Naves. Hafner folded the button and Pires shoved his entire 115,505,440 stack into the middle from the small blind with 9d9s. Down to just 6.5 big blinds, Naves called with Kh5c. The QsTc9c flop gave Pires bottom set and left Naves hoping for a jack to make a straight and stay alive. Neither the 4h turn or the 6c river filled that straight draw and Naves was out in third place.

Hafner started heads up play with the slightest of chip leads but over the 10 minutes that followed, Pires took the lead and eventually collected all of the chips. On the final hand of the night, Pires called from the small blind and Hafner checked his option to see a flop of 7c6s2d. Hafner check-raised to 11,619,000 after Pires bet 3,500,000. The turn was the 4d and Hafner took some time before betting 19,691,760. Pires contemplated his options and clicked the call button. The river was the 8d and Hafner checked to Pires who moved all in for 161,161,584. After thinking for nearly 30 seconds, Hafner called all in and showed 7s3d for a pair of sevens but Pires tabled 8c5d for a straight to eliminate Hafner and win his first WSOP bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

Eduardo Pires – $1,384,013
Lukas Hafner – $984,469
Tauan Naves – $700,270
Xiongbin Zhang – $498,115
Paul Risman – $354,317
Victor Begara – $252,031
Lachezar Petkov – $179,275
Tomas Jozonis – $127,521
Oskar Prehm – $90,708