Chris Moorman
Poker legend Chris Moorman rode out the Turbo Deepstack final table to claim his second WSOP bracelet in Event #29

After a mad dash to the tape, Chris Moorman won World Series of Poker Online Event #29 ($800 NLHE 8-Max Turbo Deepstack Championship) for $102,406 to claim his second WSOP bracelet in style. With the turbo deepstack format setting players to decisions for their tournament lives from the kick-off, the final table took less than an hour to roar to a conclusion and gave the British online poker legend yet another victory in his illustrious career.

The action at the eight-handed final table was quick from the very first hand and it wasn’t long before the first elimination. It was Jeremy Menard who busted in eighth place for $8,477 after coming into play seventh in chips and with less than half of the chip stack the final table leader Moorman had built.

Menard moved all-in pre-flop for just under eight big blinds with JdTd and was called by Matthew Hunt with KsQs. The flop of Jc8h7s gave Menard the best hand, pairing his jack, but while his hopes of survival were maintained on the 4c turn, the Kc river dashed them to pieces and propelled Hunt into the lead.

After a long period without any bust-outs, it would be ‘cakebot’ who lost their tournament life in seventh place for $11,303. When ‘bbert29’ moved all-in from early position, ‘cakebot’ called off their stack in the next seat and everyone else folded. Holding AhAd, ‘cakebot’ was a big favorite to win the hand against the KsQc of ‘bbert29’, but the board of KhJc8s7dKd had other ideas as trips on the river reduced the field to six players.

Just five minutes later, another player had departed as ‘JonSnow14’, who had begun the final table second in chips, saw their night’s watch for the chance of winning a bracelet over as they were frozen out on contention. All-in with QcQh against Patrick Eskandar’s KsKc, the seven-high flop of 7s6d6h offered no hope to the sixth-place finisher. After the turn of 5d and 2c river, ‘JonSnow14’’s hopes of a WSOP bracelet win could not be resurrected and he cashed out for $15,340.

It was Philip Tom who busted in fifth place as the third elimination in quick succession sped up the action even more as the final table raced towards its conclusion. Tom moved all-in for four big blinds with Qh9d and was up against Eskandar’s AsQs. The flop of Td6d3h gave little hope to Tom, and after the turn of Ah, the fifth place finisher was drawing dead to the 7h river, winning $21,261.

There was barely time for the remaining four players to adjust their sliders before another player went to the rail. Hunt delivered another player’s hopes to the gutter as ‘bbert29’ shoved from the button with KhTd and Hunt called with JsJc. The board of 9h7h2dTs6s gave ‘bbert29’ little hope of triumph along the way and they busted for a result worth $29,963.

There was only one six-figure score up for grabs and three-handed, all of the remaining players seemed to focus in on that bracelet-earning amount up top. Moorman had the chip lead when the pivotal hand sent play heads-up, holding 10.1 million to Eskandar’s nine million chips, with Hunt bringing up the rear with 5.2 million chips.

It was a surprising defeat for Eskandar in terms of chip stacks, then, when he moved all-in pre-flop with AhJc over Moorman’s opening bet. The British player called it off with AcQd and suddenly, Eskandar needed a lot of help to remain in with a shot at victory.

The flop of 7d3d2s gave Eskandar nothing to add to the three jack outs, and when the turn fell Th, he needed a jack and only a jack to survive. The river of 8c denied Eskandar the chance to take on Moorman heads-up and instead gave the Brit a massive chip lead heading into the decisive duel of the match, with Moorman’s stack nearly four times that of his challenger.

Heads up saw the stacks balance a little over the course of just 10 minutes of to and fro, but by the time the final hand played out, Moorman still had a comfortable lead, with over 15 million chips playing the nine million belonging to Hunt. With blinds at 300,000/600,000, Moorman shoved from the button with Jd9d and was snap-called by Hunt with Ac8c.

The flop of Kd9h3s immediately vaulted Moorman into the lead in the hand, and after the 6h turn and 6c river, the British player celebrated a memorable victory on Twitter as he announced his second WSOP bracelet, condemning Hunt to the runner-up prize of $63,112.


Of the 418 players and 205 rebuys, just 72 players cashed, including players such as Justin Lapka (55th for $1,660), Michael Dyer (42nd for $2,063), Johnnie Moreno (33rd for $2,333), Matt Berkey (28th for $2,333), Bryan Piccioli (16th for $3,319), Tom Cannuli (12th for $5,069) and Ryan Leng (10th for $5,069) the latter of whom came close to the final table without making the cut.

WSOP Online Event #29 Turbo Deepstack Final Table Results:

  1. Chris ‘Robotbob47’ Moorman – $102,406
  2. Matthew ‘BraceletHUNT’ Hunt – $63,112
  3. Patrick ‘Synesthesia’ Eskandar – $43,106
  4. ‘bbert29’ – $29,963
  5. Philip ‘Chairman99’ Tom – $21,261
  6. ‘JonSnow14’ – $15,340
  7. ‘cakebot’ – $11,303
  8. Jeremy ‘g00sebumps’ Menard – $8,477