Jake Daniels won Event #3 of the 2022 PokerGO Cup for $200K.

Jake Daniels eliminated all five of his final table opponents in Event #4 ($10,000 NLHE) of the 2022 PokerGO Cup to take home the $200,000 first-place prize and his second career PokerGO Cup victory.

Event #3 saw another healthy field make their way to the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas as 80 entries amassed an $800,000 prize pool. For Daniels, who has become a familiar face in these high roller series, the victory is representative of the work he’s been putting into his game in order to compete.

“I’ve hired a couple of coaches and I’ve put in a ton of work in the last five or six months trying to get better because these guys are so stinking good,” Daniels told PokerGO after the win. “I had a nice deep run in Florida for a WPT a couple of weeks ago, make a final table there. I love the competition.”

Brock Wilson started the final table as the short stack and with the blinds at 30,000/60,000 (60,000 ante) he picked up 6s6d under the gun and moved his 10 big blind stack all-in. When it folded to Daniels in the small blind with KdKc, he three-bet to just over 1 million making sure that Chris Moorman folded his big blind. The QdTd3d flop didn’t provide any extra help to Wilson who was looking for one of the final sixes in the deck. The turn was the 5h and the river came the Th, sending Wilson, who had sold action over on the PocketFives Staking marketplace, out the door in sixth place earning $48,000.

Not long after, Daniels found a double through Daniel Weinand, who started the day as the chip leader. Daniels and Weinand got it al-in preflop with Daniels holding JhJd and Weinand with the AcTs. The board ran out KcTh7hJs3s board to give Daniels a commanding chip lead.

Daniels then scored a massive double-knockout to take firm control of the table. With the blinds at 40,000/80,000 (80,000 ante) a short-stacked Sean Winter raised to 400,000 with his Ac5d, leaving himself just 25,000 behind. Next to act, Daniels three-bet to 920,000 holding the AsKc. Immediately after, the former PocketFives #1-ranked Moorman, with just over 12 big blinds, looked down at AhQs and he moved all-in.

Moorman, not knowing that Winter still had a chip behind, showed his hand. Winter threw all his timebanks in the middle and started to do the math on whether he should fold with an expected pay jump. “I’m so bad, it’s so gross…,” Winter said. “I mean, I have a lot of equity.” Ultimately, he put his remaining 25,000 in the middle. The flop came Jh9c6s keeping Daniels in the lead and making it so both Moorman and Winter needed help to survive. The turn was the 7s, opening the door for Winters to hit a gutshot straight. But that’s where the drama ended as the Ks completed the board, giving Daniels top pair, a double KO, and an even healthier chip lead.

Winter, with the shorter stack, was awarded fifth place and $64,000 and Moorman claimed fourth place and walked with $80,000.

The final three battled for nearly 45 minutes as the blinds climbed to 50,000/100,000 (100,000 ante) and Jeremy Ausmus slipped in the chip counts, holding just five big blinds. But while it looked like he might be the next to go, a clash between Daniels and Weinand gifted Ausmus a nice, unexpected ladder.

Weinand made it 250,000 to go holding the As9d and after Ausmus folded, Daniels defended his big blind with the JsTh. The flop came 9h5s2d, giving Weinand top pair. When it was checked to him, Weinand fired a bet of 175,000 which Daniels check-raised to 625,000. Weinand made the call and the Td hit the turn. Daniels led for 850,000 and with 2.2 million left in his stack Weinand moved all-in. Daniels asked for a count, took some time, and made the call putting Weinand at risk. The river was the 2s, ending Weinand’s run in third place for $96,000/

During heads-up play, Ausmus battled back. He chipped up from 500,000 to roughly 2 million. But, in the end, it was Daniels’ day. Daniels raised his Jh2h on the button enough to put Ausmus all-in. Looking at AsJc, Ausmus made the call and had Daniels dominated. It looked like Ausmus was about to turn the situation around but the flop came 8h5d2s, giving Daniels bottom pair. That pair held through the 9c turn and 4d river. Ausmus collected $144,000 as the runner-up and Daniels added another PokerGO Cup victory to his resume and an even $200,000.

PokerGO Cup Event #3 Final Table Results

  1. Jake Daniels – $200,000
  2. Jeremy Ausmus – $144,000
  3. Daniel Weinand – $96,000
  4. Chris Moorman – $80,000
  5. Sean Winter – $64,000
  6. Brock Wilson – $48,000