Luigi Shehadeh won the 888Live Barcelona Main Event for €110,000 on Thursday.

From a field of 609 entries, the €1,100 buy-in 888Live Barcelona Main Event played down to a winner on Monday with Luigi Shehadeh navigating his way to victory and a €110,000 score.

The day started with 25 players but after Javier de Vicente Miquel was eliminated in ninth place, the official final table took no time in getting to a champion.

It took just two minutes to see the first final table bustout. Carlos Garcia Rodriguez moved all in for 2,100,000 from UTG before Marco Regonaschi called all-in from middle position. Rodriguez tabled QhQd and Regonaschi reluctantly turned over ThTd. The AhQs5h flop put Rodriguez even further ahead, leaving Regonaschi drawing to runner runner. The 7d turn was no help and as the dealer dealt the meaningless 3c river, Regonaschi was out in eighth.

It took just another couple of hands to lose another player and again queens had a hand in the elimination. Cate Hall raised to 225,000 from UTG before Jaime Rueda Sampedro moved all in for 1,400,000 from the hijack. Hall called and tabled QsQc but got bad news when Sampedro showed KsKh. The QdTd7h flop changed everything and put Hall firmly in front. Sampedro could only watch the 8c turn and 5h river do nothing for him except cause him to leave in seventh place.

The quick pace of eliminations didn’t stop there. Just seven minutes later Hamza Miri moved all in from UTG for 740,000 and Stefan Eriksson defended from the big blind and showed 9d9s while Miri was looking for help with Ah9h. The board ran out Kc8d6hJh8s to eliminate Miri in fifth place.

That’s when things finally slowed down. It took almost 75 minutes before another player was eliminated. Shehadeh raised to 350,000 from UTG and Hall responded by moving all in from the small blind. Action folded back to Shehadeh, he called and flipped over KdTs which put him slightly behind Hall’s Ac6s. The AsQs7c gave Hall top pair but left Shehadeh with a Broadway draw. The Js turn filled that draw but left Hall with a flush draw. The river was the Tc and Hall was out in fourth.

Three-handed play continued for another 20 minutes until Shehadeh found another victim. Gonzalez moved all in for 2,800,000 from the button and Shehadeh called from the big blind. Gonzalez had 3c3d while Shehadeh tabled AhJd. The KdJc5d flop put Shehadeh in front and he stayed there through the 6d turn and Ts river to eliminate Gonzalez and get to heads up play with a nearly 8-1 lead over Rodriguez.

Despite the huge chip advantage, it took nearly 35 minutes for Shehadeh to finish things off. On the last hand of the night, Shahedeh moved all in and Garcia called with his tournament life at stake with Ac7s. Shahedeh had 8d8h. The board ran out 6h5c4s6s9c to give Shahedeh the win and eliminate Garcia in second.

The win is the second straight six-figure score for Shahedeh. In March he won the €200 buy-in Only the Barracudas 27 Main Event in Campione d’Italia, Italy for €100,000.

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Final Table Payouts

  1. Luigi Shehadeh – €110,000
  2. Carlos Garcia Rodriguez – €75,000
  3. Jose Alberto Lopez Gonzalez – €50,000
  4. Cate Hall US – €35,000
  5. Stefan Eriksson – €27,000
  6. Hamza Miri – €22,000
  7. Jaime Rueda Sampedro – €18,000
  8. Marco Regonaschi – €15,000