Nikolaus ‘RealAndyBeal’ Jedlicka had 3,000 in high-stakes cash game profit in July, crushing the competition (image: CardPlayer)

The high-stakes cash game leaderboard in July was officially a blowout. Sitting atop the field was Nikolaus ‘RealAndyBeal’ Jedlicka with a profit of $243,000 in ring games on PokerStars that HighStakesDB tracks. Everyone else had one-quarter or less of that.

Last month, Jedlicka had 123 sessions at the high-stakes cash game tables and recorded 9,778 hands. If you do the math, you get an average profit of $1,976 per session and almost $25 per hand. Jedlicka was largely in the black for the entire month of July, a month in which many of the world’s top pros were camped out in Las Vegas for theWorld Series of Poker. And his $243,000 in profit for the month was well-timed since the Austrian and former Magic: The Gathering player ended June over $600,000 in the hole in high-stakes cash games.

A distant second place on the leaderboard for July went to ‘gordon0410‘, who turned in slightly over $61,000 in profit. He had 21 sessions and 1,075 hands for an average profit of $2,907 per session and $56 per hand. Just like Jedlicka, ‘gordon0410’ was in the hole lifetime when the month of July began. Now, he’s only about $1,700 in the red, so his big July definitely helped his bottom line. ‘gordon0410′ is primarily a No Limit Hold’em player.

Just $12,000 behind ‘gordon0410’ on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for July was ‘AmSoGood‘. Sessions- and hand-wise, he had pretty similar stats to ‘gordon0410’, as ‘AmSoGood’ logged 23 sessions and 1,189 hands over the course of the 31-day month and raked in $49,000 in profit. That’s an average of $2,151 in profit per session and $41 in profit per hand.

‘AmSoGood’, whom HighStakesDB first began tracking in 2012, is now over $100,000 in profit lifetime thanks to his $49,000 haul in July. All of his hands have come in Pot Limit Omaha.

Fourth place in July went to poker pro Mike ‘gordo16’ Gorodinsky, who had $37,292 in profit from 33 sessions and 3,858 hands. The month moved him to under $400,000 in lifetime losses in ring games tracked by HighStakesDB.

With $33,000 in profit in July, ‘benonmoon‘ finished in fifth place on the leaderboard. He had 13 sessions and 884 hands last month and moved his career high-stakes winnings north of $36,000. He’s a newcomer to HighStakesDB, as the site first began tracking him in June.

The largest high-stakes cash game pot in July came in at $89,000 and occurred at a $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em table. After betting on every street, the money finally went in on the river of a Ts6c4h7dQs board. ‘OtB_RedBaron‘ checked on the final card with ThTc, while ‘Katya_18‘ shoved with AcKs. The check paid off for ‘OtB_RedBaron’, who insta-called all in with his set and raked in the $89,000 pot.

The top cash game players in July:

  1. RealAndyBeal (123 sessions, 9,778 hands) – $243,127
  2. gordon0410 (21 sessions, 1,075 hands) – $61,047
  3. AmSoGood (23 sessions, 1,189 hands) – $49,492
  4. gordo16 (33 sessions, 3,858 hands) – $37,292
  5. benonmoon (13 sessions, 884 hands) – $33,803
  6. VeGeTTo89 (2 sessions, 73 hands) – $32,435
  7. TILTMENOT (12 sessions, 267 hands) – $31,686
  8. Happyhammy (34 sessions, 5,218 hands) – $29,408
  9. LuckyGump (9 sessions, 1,133 hands) – $28,564
  10. Hatrick19911 (20 sessions, 850 hands) – $27,529