As always, the action will be hot and heavy on Saturday night over at DraftKings, where they are offering up MLB tourneys at every buy-in level imaginable. Let’s see if we can spot a lineup that might help you stand out from the crowd and help you grab a handful of that cash! Sign up for DraftKings here.

In our DFS baseball column of the season last week, we mentioned the following guidelines that are proven to be solid avenues to explore in GPP lineup construction. There are many other factors to pay serious attention to, which will be addressed as the season goes on, but the following is a great place to start:

Pay for Pitching: Your starters are way more likely to perform to their typical level in a one game sample than your hitters are. You can get a little cute at times on the mound, particularly in targeting a lesser acclaimed guy who can get strikeouts, but don’t get crazy.

– When choosing between hitters in a GPP, due to how strongly DK favors the power numbers in their tourney scoring, always favor a power hitter over a line drive/high average guy. A good high average hitter has a much lower ceiling in a daily format and you need to reach some top floors to cash big.

Stack, stack, stack: Each player in a lineup feeds off the production, or lack thereof, of those surrounding him in the lineup. In a GPP, you will have to have a number of hitters go off, so the best way to do this is by rostering four or five guys from the same lineup.

Pay serious attention to the lefty/righty splits; this is crucial. Avoid stacking from lineups with multiple lefties if possible, as those teams are easy prey for the lefty relief specialist. You will either lose your guy to a pinch hitter or be at a huge disadvantage in the lefty/lefty matchup.

Last week, we recommended the Baltimore Orioles stack in a great matchup at home against former reliever Aaron Sanchez. If you went with the Birds and had the right guys (see, there’s always another catch), you were sitting pretty after their 7-1 blowout win, which featured three O’s going deep.

This Saturday, we have seven games on the nighttime schedule. I think the game to target is the Angels at Houston. In this tilt, we have a battle between two lefties: LA’s CJ Wilson and Houston’s Dallas Keuchel. The lineup I want here is the Astros; CJ has made a solid career out of keeping the ball in the yard, but age is rapidly catching up to him. In the stock market of major league baseball, CJ Wilson is Enron. He was very lucky to avoid the long ball in his first two starts, pitching poorly in both, but I am banking on that luck running out.

To make the matchup even sweeter, Houston features some right-handed hitters who will often take a bad pitch over the wall. George Springer, Chris Carter, Evan Gattis, and Jed Lowrie are all looking at a very juicy matchup. Gattis’ poor start this season helps to keep his price down, which is what we want to see. Jose Altuve, as yet another righty, is as elite a table-setter as the game has, and I will try to get as many of these guys in my lineups as possible.

On the mound, the popular choice will be Felix Hernandez taking on Texas at home. I won’t fight city hall on this one, and he will be in my lineups. Jake Odorizzi facing the Yankees at home and Jacob deGrom taking on Miami in Flushing both make for enticing plays with your SP2; I lean deGrom here. Odorizzi has put up nice numbers in his first two starts, but with an opponent’s BABIP of .113, a variance correction at some point is inevitable.

Best of luck to all those playing the DraftKings tourneys this weekend.

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