Lawrence Brandt
Lawrence Brandt won his second bracelet of the summer as he joined Dan Zack and Espen Jorstad with double gold at the 2022 WSOP.

With five events taking place on a superb Sunday of action, Bally’s and Paris were filled with WSOP hopefuls looking to either save their summer or seal yet more profit on an already thrilling trip to Las Vegas. Three bracelets were won on the day in live events as


Brandt Wins Second Summer Bracelet for $205k


Lawrence Brandt won his second bracelet of the summer, joining Player of the Year leader Dan Zack and newly crowned world champion Espen Jørstad as the only other player to make it a double in Vegas during the 2022 World Series of Poker.


Taking down the title in Event #84, the $3,000-entry H.O.R.S.E. event, Brandt got the better of both Tomasz Gluszko (3rd for $87,687) and Roberto Marin (2nd for $126,895) as two massive stud hands proved pivotal in propelling Brand to the summit, with quad nines the winning hand to earn the bracelet over Marin at the end.


After winning Event #58, the $1,500 PLO Hi-Lo 8 or Better event, way back in June, Brandt has achieved something no-one other than two of the stars of the 2022 WSOP have done and won his second bracelet of the summer. There’s still the Tournament of Champions to be won too, with the added event taking place between July 18th ad 21st this week.


WSOP 2022 Event #84 $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Final Table Results:                     


  1. Lawrence Brandt – $205,139
  2. Roberto Marin – $126,895
  3. Tomasz Gluszko – $87,687
  4. Richard Tatalovich – $61,789
  5. Kevin Gerhart – $44,415
  6. Kristan Lord – $32,583
  7. Perry Friedman – $24,403
  8. Yarron Bendor – $18,669


Wang Claims Second Bracelet in 8-Max NLHE Event


Michael Wang won his second bracelet as he saw off the Colombian Farid Jattin in a stunning comeback victory at the death in Event #87, the $5,000 buy-in 8-Max NLHE event. After Vanessa Kade exited in 10th place and Erfan Guela busted in ninth to Michael Wang, the first player to leave the eight-handed official final table was Will Nguyen, who, after doubling through Erik Seidel, crashed out to chip leader Kartik Ved, as the Indian player’s AdQd outran Nguyen’s ThTc.


In seventh place, Fred Goldberg made his exit, with his Jc3c no good against Farid Jattin’s ace-ten, with an ace on the flop doing the fatal damage to Goldberg’s stack. Goldberg cashed for $70,734 and was followed by Billy O’Neill for $83,740 when O’Neill’s 9h9s lost to Wang’s TcTh when a board of 4s3c3d6dJd doomed the American with fewer chips.


Out in fifth place was Yuval Bronshtein as the two-time bracelet winner lost with As7h to Jattin’s AdTd as the Colombian made a Broadway straight on the turn to oust the Israeli for a result worth $126,089. It was the former chip leader Kartik Ved who crashed out in fourth, his 7c7h lost to Jattin’s KcJd.


Down to three players, nine-time WSOP winner Erik Seidel saw his WSOP come to an end with a summer-saving cash of $238,321 to celebrate. He lost out with KcQc busting to Jattin’s 8d8s. That hand gave Jattin a massive lead, with the Colombian holding 24.4 million to Wang’s stack of 4.1 million, representing only 10 big blinds at 200,000/400,000.


That meant nothing as Wang doubled up not once but twice to get back to almost even, the first time with a dominating king-jack against Jattin’s queen-jack and the second time with a rivered flush. After a pot of 24 million went Wang’s way with a Jattin bluff called by Wang with trips, it was almost over. In the final hand, Jattin couldn’t hold with Qc4d as Wang’s call for Jattin’s final five big blinds with 6s3d saw Wang river quad threes for the win.


WSOP 2022 Event #87 $5,000 8-Max NLHE Final Table Results:                           


  1. Michael Wang – $541,604
  2. Farid Jattin – $334,747
  3. Erik Seidel – $238,321
  4. Kartik Ved – $172,103
  5. Yuval Bronshtein – $126,089
  6. Billy O’Neil – $83,740
  7. Fred Goldberg – $70,734
  8. Will Nguyen – $54,185


Brar Wins Debut Gold in Super Turbo Bracelet Event


Alberta native Jaspal Brar won his first-ever WSOP bracelet after outlasting 1,287 opponents in the fast-paced Super Turbo event. Costing $1,000 to play, Event #88 on the schedule – officially the last bracelet event excepting the Tournament of Champions which appears off-schedule – saw one of the quickest final tables of the series.


Playing down to a winner on the only day of the event, players such as Phil Hui (41st for $4,487), Jesse Sylvia (28th for $5,333) and Jason Wheeler (19th for $6,426) all grabbed a piece of the $1.1 million prize pool before the nine-handed final table was reached.


Once the final table began, two quick bust-outs for Jonathan Hilton (9th for $15,491) and Huy Nguyen (8th for $19,942) were followed by Brazilian Vinicius Escossi cashing for $26,000 in seventh place. Ronald Sullivan left in sixth place for $34,327 before Christopher Garman left the party in fifth for $45,885.


Four players remained and the only bracelet winner among them was Boris Kolev from Bulgaria. He was knocked out by the eventual champion Brar as Kolev called off his final two blinds with QsTh and couldn’t overcome Brar’s As3s, with an ace on the turn leaving Kolev needing a king for Broadway on the river only to see the 6c land and his hopes of a second bracelet over.


Kolev cashed for $62,090, a little less than Jesse Capps in third place for $85,040 before Brar took on Jesse Lonis with Lonis down to 11 million and Brar on 15 million. The tournament-ending hand saw Lonis shove with As6d and Brar call it off quickly with QdQh, the board of 7h5h5s2c2d ending the event in the Canadian’s favor for his 33rd WSOP cash and by far the most important of his career.


WSOP 2022 Event #88 $1,000 Super Turbo NLHE Final Table Results:                          


  1. Jaspal Brar – $190,731
  2. Jesse Lonis – $117,872
  3. Jesse Capps – $85,040
  4. Boris Kolev – $62,090
  5. Christopher Garman – $45,885
  6. Ronald Sullivan – $34,327
  7. Vinicius Escossi – $26,000
  8. Huy Nguyen – $19,942
  9. Jonathan Hilton – $15,491

Nguyen Leads Final 17 in The Closer


After Day 1b finished its delayed opening flight, Day 2 was reached in the Closer, leading to cashes for some superstars of the game and only one bracelet winner making the final day. At the close of play on Day 2, Minh Nguyen bagged up 20,275,000 chips, with Michael Liang second in chips on 19,200,000.


Of the 235 players who started Day 2, most big names slid out of contention, as stars such as Bryan Piccioli (80th for $6,750), Barry Hutter (42nd for $13,730) and Shaun Deeb (30th for $16,740) all failed to make the final day. Double bracelet winner Chris Moorman was the only former winner to bag up chips and the online poker tournament legend is short on 5,475,000 chips.


Others who busted on the day included Jennifer Shahade, David ‘ODB’ Baker and Adrian Moreno, with the latter hardly to be blamed if he wasn’t in an optimal poker-playing frame of mind after the events of yesterday, which he described on Twitter.



WSOP 2022 Event #85 $1,500 The Closer Top 10 Chipcounts:                     


  1. Minh Nguyen – 20,275,000
  2. Michael Liang – 19,200,000
  3. Rudy Cervantes – 16,475,000
  4. Daniel Tabello – 14,450,000
  5. Zach Johnson – 12,050,000
  6. Madelyn Carr – 9,075,000
  7. Tjan Tetteh – 8,975,000
  8. Ahmed Karrim – 7,700,000
  9. Sean Ragozzini – 6,875,000
  10. Vincent Lam – 6,000,000


Pavel Plesuv Leads Race to Six-Max Crown


Moldovan player Pavel Plesuv has the chip lead heading into the final day of the WSOP Event #86, the $10,000 6-Max NLHE event. On a day which started with 45 players still chasing the gold and top prize of $824,649, players fell quickly as Adrian Mateos (24th for $26,638) left before the final three tables. Once there, it was a race to the final table, with Davidi Kitai (15th), Anthony Zinno (14th) and Romain Lewis (12th) all coming up short for $39,529.


Moldovan poker pro Plesuv has never won a WSOP bracelet before, and will arguably never have a better chance, with his stack of 6,890,000 leading the way with just five opponents between him and glory. Both Greg Jensen (4,740,000) and Ali Eslami (3,785,000) provide close challenges, while Barak Wisbrod (3,205,000), Lucas Foster (2,380,000) and Brock Wilson (2,080,000) all still have their eyes on the prize.


WSOP 2022 Event #86 $10,000 6-Max NLHE Final Table Chipcounts:                  


  1. Pavel Plesuv – 6,890,000
  2. Gregory Jensen – 4,740,000
  3. Ali Eslami – 3,785,000
  4. Barak Wisbrod – 3,205,000
  5. Lucas Foster – 2,380,000
  6. Brock Wilson – 2,080,000


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Official photographs courtesy of PokerGO, the home of live-streamed action throughout the 2022 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.