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  1. I had a good start in the new year, so I could win the $3.30 Horse Event . 

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      I play some bankrollbuilding tuorneys at the moment on GG Poker. It is running better the last days. I hope to catch some winnings . For further informations go on instagram @cardcounter09 https://www.instagram.com/cardcounter09/ It is not about poker, it is about us. Have fun and enjoy

    3. turbohasi


      It is running better the last day. I played some tourneys on Pokerstars and GG and some MT SNSs on Stars as well.  See you on the tables. 

    4. turbohasi


      At the moment I play mostly on GG Poker and I sell a part of my action.If you want to see my wife and me on instagram, follow this way https://www.instagram.com/cardcounter09/

      In october I am starting to stream my grinds on twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/cardcounter09

      So have fun and good luck on the tables

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