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  • Birthday 07/01/1970


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    Dave Mulecock
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    United States


  • About Yourself
    The word "Contravan" is derived from the Latin word 'Contra', which means "popular Nintendo game from the 80s", combined with the modern English word 'van', which means "four-wheeled, enclosed vehicle utilized for the transportation of occupants of v
  • Your favorite poker sites
    32Red Poker
  • Favorite poker hand
  • Your profession
    Shaving my ass and walking backwards.
  • Favorite place to play
    In abandoned refrigerators.
  • Your hobbies
    Contravans (as pictured). Carrying coffee beans for my homeboy, Juan Valdez. Secksing in my sweet TA
  • Favorite Cash Game and Limit
    Pot limit peeing for distance.
  • Favorite Tournament Game and Limit
    Hide and go seek.

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