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  • Birthday 01/01/1970


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    John Newcombe
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    Oklahoma, United States


  • About Yourself
    A guy that started the $5 single table grind and $11 MTT's for a year until I built a roll to get in position to actually win some money. Since I have became a full-time online poker player. I play most multi table tournaments over 50$ and $550 sit and go's all day, almost everyday. I went from your below average grinder to the top 1.7% in the entire world of online poker monkeys. My lifes normal, I got friends, and a girlfriend, just no job, and not ONE SINGLE PERSON to answer to, except the man above. Keep your eyes peeled because John Newcombe is here to stay. You'll be seeing alot more of me in the poker world!!! Shout out to my RAILBIRDS!!!!! Woot Woot!!!! SHip SHIp!!!!!!
  • Your favorite poker sites
    32Red Poker
  • Favorite poker hand
  • Your profession
    I have a BA Management and BA in Marketing but all i do is poker.
  • Favorite place to play
    Las Vegas
  • Your hobbies
    fishing, golf, music, drinking burrr, smoking dem DaNkNuGgEeTtZ, being with my hoes, and yea uhhh poker
  • Favorite Cash Game and Limit
    NL/PL HE, $7.50/$15 and over
  • Favorite Tournament Game and Limit
    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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