Andrew Neeme Headline
A friendly face at the table, filming equipment i hand or not, Neeme is king of the Meet Up Game.

One of poker’s most popular players in the live arena is Andrew Neeme. The recent news that Neeme has been added to the World Poker Tour as an ambassador is exciting for players and fans alike, with the part-owner of The Lodge in Round Rock, Texas contributing to the poker world in many ways.

With a thriving Video Blog channel on You Tube, Neeme is successful, creates great content and has made the ‘Meet Up Game’ mode of bringing new players to the game his own. Neeme predominantly plays cash games but has also earned over $120,000 in live tournaments too.

Can he deal with our ’15 Bigs’ – notoriously difficult questions with no easy way out. He’s either going to double-up or crash and burn…

1.    You’re on a long-haul flight and can only choose one TV Show or movie to watch on repeat, which is your pick?

Breaking Bad is the best show ever produced. It’s a bit dark and difficult to swallow in parts, but they perfected the episodic cliffhanger. An awesome storyline plus killer cinematography is right up my alley and Breaking Bad is exactly that.

Walter White
Walter White needs to get back in the game… at least according to Breaking Bad’s biggest fan Neeme.

2.    If you were stranded on a desert island with one book for company, what would it be?

Probably The Tao of Pooh. It’s essentially a manual on dealing with whatever life throws at you, from a mental standpoint. Although an actual manual on survivalism would probably be more appropriate. But I don’t know of one off the top of my head. If you could sort that out before dropping be on the island that’d be great.

3.    What’s the song you could listen to on repeat forever?

Muse – Newborn, preferably the Glastonbury version. World-melting riffs and soaring vocals. That’s Muse.

4.    What’s your favourite place to play poker and why?

I’m guessing you mean aside from The Lodge, in lovely Round Rock, Texas? I guess I’d go with any casino in London. Because before and after your session, you’re in London.

Andrew Neeme
Andrew Neeme can often be found at the table, but sometimes it’s just for fun enjoying time with his wife (source: Andrew Neeme/Twitter)

5.    If you were to be shot at dawn, what would be your last meal and drink?

My wife took me to Kabuto in Las Vegas one year for my birthday. Was the best sushi bites I’d had, anywhere, and sushi is probably my favorite food. There’s another great spot in Henderson called Sushi Hiro, which Doug Polk took me to, and that was also fantastic. So, I guess I’d go with either of those, paired nicely with a Faygo Cream Soda.

Fancy a last meal? Neeme would head straight for Kabuto in Las Vegas.

6.    Where’s your favourite non-poker holiday destination?

It’s dangerously easy to have a lot of fun in New Orleans. In fact, I’m there right now! My wife and I love exploring all the food and drink that the city has to offer.

7.    You can play poker every day for a year or play no poker for a whole 12 months – which do you choose?

I go through waves. Right now, I’m in a poker mood, so I’d say bring on the poker. But this question is actually kind of a nightmare for me. I don’t like doing the same thing for very long. It’s why there’s so much experimentation on my YouTube channel. In fact, the poker vlog started as another one of several experiments. Prior to that I’d tried blogging, podcasting and Instagramming.

8.    Who is the person you don’t have around anymore that you miss the most?

Walter White.

9.    Which person would you most like to meet but never have?

Casey Neistat. Nary an interview goes by where I don’t mention him. He was the inspiration for my YouTube channel and just bleeds talent and drive.

10.   When was the last time life put you on tilt?

Life is generally pretty good these days. I can’t complain. But of course, it’s not perfect. I just wish for good health for my parents, and anytime there’s an issue on that front it can be difficult. I’m not sure I would call that life tilt, but it’s probably what matters the most yet also out of my control. Oh, and YouTube comments. What on earth is going on in the YouTube comments and how did it come to be this way?

11.   If you couldn’t play the WSOP Main Event next year, which family member would you put into the action in your place?

My little brother Jonathan is the only one to give poker a bit of effort (years ago). But he’s got no shot, so I’d let them work it out on who wants the experience of torching $10,000.

12.   What’s your best poker skill?

Back in my days of pure grinding, I would say it was patience. Now? Hell, I don’t know. My ‘poker skills’ are not my top professional skills anymore. I’m a professional content creator first, poker player second. I think my best skill on that front is to survey the industry landscape, ask “What’s missing?”, and look to provide that in a way that I’m proud to put my name to. That’s how the vlog started.

13.   And your biggest leak?


14.   If you could make one rule change to poker, what would it be?

I wouldn’t look to make a game-changing rule, but I would love to see more variations and options. We have tag-team poker, but what if there was a version where it wasn’t one player to a hand? Friends could literally play and strategize together. I think that would be a fun way to make the game less intimidating, less serious and more social for new players.

15.    You have just ten seconds with the person of your dreams… what do you say?

“You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the espresso martini at Bar NoMad. I think you should let me buy you one.”

We can’t help but be charmed by the ebullient Neeme. That’s a clean double-up and he’s right back in the game. Just like always!

Andrew Neeme WPT
Signed by the World Poker Tour, Neeme has become the oldest brand in poker’s newest ambassador.