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  6. https://poker-choice.com” rel=“follow

    https://poker-choice.com” rel=“follow


  7. How do I sell action here

  8. I'm back after a long retirement. Be Ready

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  10. i play poker!

  11. How's every doing, been a minute!

  12. My hendonmob results as displayed on my pokerstake profile are displaying as $0 in winnings which is inaccurate. Clicking on the link will give the accurate results.
    That being said I play primarily online. I played heavy volume on PokerStars from 2003-2009 until the UIGEA. Played live cash games and online at Bodog/Bovada from 2009-2015. Then started playing on WSOP.com (NV) from 2015-present. Took a major step back from poker from 2017-2021 and resumed playing more regularly in 2022. 
    The best indicator of my results would searching for MikeMcD03 (888.nj) on www.pokerprolabs.com. 
    Greatest accomplishment is marrying my amazing wife in March 2022 which is luckier than hitting a 1-outer. 


    Nerdthusiast Poker Podcast:




  14. As the WSOP Main Event of 2023 draws closer, poker enthusiasts from all over the world are getting ready to compete for the coveted championship title. And I, for one, am no exception. I'm excited to share my journey as I get ready to participate in this epic event and share my experiences with you.

    To prepare for this year's Main Event, I'm making a few changes to my routine. Firstly, I'm going to be playing more online, sharpening my skills, and learning to adapt to different playing styles. This will allow me to gain more experience and become better at reading my opponents' moves. I'm also going to participate in more live events, including the Borgata's almighty stack, where I'll face off against some of the best players on the east coast.


    Additionally, I've made a commitment to study the game of poker every day. I'm watching instructional videos, reading books, and analyzing past tournament play. This way, I can gain a deeper understanding of the game's nuances and be better prepared to make the right decisions at the right time.


    One of the things that I'm most excited about is continuing to work with Brian Keane on our monthly poker podcast, Nerdthusiast Poker Podcast. Our podcast covers all things poker-related, from travel stories, movie reviews, current poker events and industry news. We've had some fantastic guests over the years, including WSOP Main Event champions.


    Our podcast is geared towards both novice and experienced players and aims to provide valuable insights that listeners can enjoy. We're also planning to host live events in the future, where we'll provide our listeners with the opportunity to meet us and other like-minded players and engage in some friendly competition.


    The WSOP Main Event is an exciting opportunity for players to test their skills against some of the best in the world. I'm looking forward to competing in this event for the second time in my life and sharing my experiences with you along the way. With a dedication to studying, practicing, and playing both online and live, I'm confident that I can bring my A-game to the table.


    I will be streaming game play on my Twitch at Twitch.tv/eatahoagie

    You can also stay up to date by following my Twitter @eatahoagie

    Nerdthusiast Poker Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/2GkNdKVUWbwNNfbkfjYlaR




  15. I'm here to win, join me for the experience of winning.

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  17. Poker Pro Labs is going nuts 🤣 I've played the $15 nightly Super Turbo on wsop.com twice, and I won it twice in 2 days 🏅 Lucky bastard!

    2_7_2023 9_00_00 AM - $1,500 Daily [R&A, Super Turbo], 1 of 1.pdf

    1. vegasivanov


      7th of 1300 in the ClubGG WSOP Qualifier tonight for 10 tickets. Not too shabby ✌️

  18.      -Sharkscope-                -Skill 81-                     -ITM 32,4%-                 -AVG ROI 77%-  
                                                        ¡¡¡ Graph below !!!   


  19. @cashis_2000 on Instagram 

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