Adrian Mateos took partypoker MILLIONS World Bahamas Main Event for another seven figure. (Drew Amato/PokerCentral)

Somehow, Adrian Mateos is just 25 years old. The Winamax Poker Pro burst onto the scene by winning the 2013 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. He’s since gone on to win $19,423,996 in live tournaments after taking down the partypoker MILLIONS World Bahamas Main Event on Saturday for $1,162,805.

The final day of the $10,000 buy-in event began with 23 players remaining from the 948-player field including Mateos, Alex Foxen, Ludovic Geilich, Philip Gruissem, Ryan Riess, Peter Jetten, and two former #1-ranked PocketFivers, Chris Hunichen and Andras Nemeth.

From that group only Mateos, Jetten and Hunichen survived to make the final table after Gruissem finished ninth to bubble the official final table.

Hunichen started the final table with more than twice as many chips as the next biggest stack and it didn’t take him long to find his first victim. With blinds at 2,000,000/4,000,000, Hunichen raised to 9,000,000 from with 6h6s before Gregory Baird re-raised to 44,000,000 from the cutoff with 7c7d, leaving himself 1,000,000 behind. Hunichen raised again and Baird called. The KhJd6c put Hunichen in control and neither the 9h turn or Ac river was enough to save Baird from an eighth-place finish.

On the very next hand, Jetten, the man who dubbed 2019 as the ‘Year of Action’, saw his run end earlier than he had hoped. Action folded to Jetten in the cutoff and he moved all-in for 39,500,000 with KdTh. William Blais folded the button and Aaron Van Blarcum folded the small blind before Scott Wellenbach called from the big blind with QdQs. The 6c6h5h6sTd gave Jetten a rivered top-pair that was still only second best to Wellenbach and Jetten was eliminated in seventh.

An hour passed and Wellenbach found himself on the winning end of another elimination hand. Wellenbach raised to 12,500,000 from the hijack with Ad8d before Oleg Mandzjuk moved all-in for 51,500,000 from the small blind with 5d4d. Wellenbach called. The Kd7d2s flop gave both players a flush draw which came through on the Td turn leaving Mandzjuk drawing dead as the 6c river completed the board to officially eliminate him in sixth place.

One hand later, Hunichen re-took the role of executioner after he raised to 12,000,000 from the cutoff with QcTh. William Blais made it 19,000,000 from the button with As8d and Hunichen moved all-in and Blais called off his last 4,500,000. The Kc7d2s flop kept Blais in front. Hunichen picked up extra outs on the 9c turn and the Qh river gave Hunichen second pair and sent Blais home with a fifth-place finish.

Wellenbach made quite the name for himself earlier this year at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event when he vowed to donate all of his winnings to charity. He finished third there for $671,240. His MILLIONS World final table appearance gave him yet another opportunity to pick up a big score with charities the likely winner. Unfortunately for the Buddhist and Tibetan translator, he wasn’t able to improve upon his previous finish. Action folded to Van Blarcum in the small blind and he moved all-in for 121,000,000 with Ad9h and Wellenbach called all-in for 45,500,000 with Qh5c. The board ran out Js7h7s4s4h to eliminate Wellenbach in fourth.

Down to just three players, a chop negotiation began and eventually agreed to with Hunichen getting $1,097,195, Mateos pocketing $1,062,805, and Van Blarcum pocketing $970,000. The three players left $100,000 and the title to play for while also agreeing to halve the levels to 30 minutes each.

Just 15 minutes later, Hunichen, who had the lead at the time the deal was agreed to, was on his way to the cashier cage. The former #1-ranked player on PocketFives moved all-in for 171,000 from the button with Ah3c only to have Van Blarcum move all-in over the top for 265,000,000 from the small blind with AdKc. Mateos folded and the two players sweated the Ac9c9h5sKh runout that gave Van Blarcum top two pair and eliminated Hunichen in third.

Mateos and Van Blarcum battled for 30 minutes before the Winamax pro was able to cap off yet another major victory. Down 6-1 in chips, Van Blarcum declared he would be all-in blind and then followed through with Tc2h after Mateos completed from the big blind with Jc9h. The As9c8dQd6h runout eliminated Van Blarcum in second and gave Mateos the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event title.

Mateos has now won the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, the European Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event and the Caribbean Poker Party Main Event in the span of just over six years.

Caribbean Poker Party Final Table Payouts

  1. Adrian Mateos – $1,162,805*
  2. Aaron Van Blarcum – $970,000*
  3. Chris Hunichen – $1,097,195*
  4. Scott Wellenbach – $650,000
  5. William Blais – $500,000
  6. Oleg Mandzjuk – $350,000
  7. Peter Jetten – $250,000
  8. Gregory Baird – $180,000