Artsiom Lasouski
Belarussian player Artsiom Lasouski conquered his first-ever Triton Poker event, as Chris Moneymaker fell late.

The Belarussian player Artsiom Lasouski won his first-ever Triton Poker title in Montenegro as Chris Moneymaker once again went close to a major title just days after his first Triton win. At a final table featuring stars of the high roller circuit such as Stephen Chidwick, Dylan Linde and Danny Tang, Lasouski’s win was worth an awesome $669,000 as another popular event in Montenegro made it into the books.

Chidwick Departs Early Again

The attendances in Montenegro for the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series have already been spectacular. With 151 total entries putting up $40,000 each to play in the Mystery Bounty Event #5, just 27 players made the money, including min-cash players Santhosh Suvarna (27th) and PokerStake player Stoyan Madanzhiev, who came 25th for his $30,000. The Bulgarian, who won the WSOP Online Main Event in 2020 is one of the most consistent players in recent times in high rollers.

Also making the money but not the final table were the 2019 WSOP Main Event winner Hossein Ensan (22nd for $33,000), 10-time WSOP winner and Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey (17th for $40,500), Canadian Andrew Chen (13th for $50,000) and British Team PokerStars Pro Sam Grafton, who departed in ninth place for $68,000.

After reaching the nine-handed final table in Event #3 only to leave in ninth place, Grafton’s fellow British crusher Stephen Chidwick was delighted to make the final eight. Sadly for him and his many fans, he was first to leave the eight-handed final table in Event #5, cashing for $82,000 when his AcJd ran into Chris Moneymaker’s pocket jacks. Moneymaker, who won the GG MILLION$ Live event earlier this week in Montenegro for his first triton title, easily survived to further strengthen his chances of a second title in five official Triton events during his first foray into the high roller circuit’s tournament series.

Linde Leaves the Party of Five

Danny Tang was the next player to go, as three players who have all called England their home country for many years of their lives departed in succession. Tang, the Triton Poker legend from Hong Kong who lived in Nottingham for many years, honing his craft at the Dusk Till Dawn poker club, was all-in with pocket eights, but the ‘snowmen’ were melted by Daniel Rezaei’s AsTs as the Austrian made a spade flush to oust his illustrious opponent.

Despite winning that hand, Daniel Rezaei was unable to use the hand as the first run on the ladder to another payjump at least. All-in with JcTs against Lasouski’s Ah2h, Rezaei needed to hit but instead it was the Belarussian who flopped a pair, an ace landing to send Rezaei home after the river for a score of $156,000.

Dylan Linde was the next player to depart and scored $202,000 when he was unfortunate to bust with Ad2d against Lasouski’s KcJh, which made two pair. Lasouski had timed his sprint for the line to perfection and as Linde busted, he left behind four players who were led strongly by the eventual winner.

Moneymaker Suffers at the Hands of Ju

Samuel Ju had folded away next to no chips when Linde had shoved so fully expected to head home at the next opportunity others had to bust him. As it happened, he was all-in next with AcJh, with Nikita Kuznetsov calling with Ad5h. It was not part of the Russian’s plan to see Lasouski also call, however, with the Belarussian snapping off both shoves with AcQc. The board had a jack on the flop and Ju won a triple up for his micro-stack, with Kuznetsov stunned to depart in fourth for $253,000.

Chris Moneymaker had 10 big blinds, but that was double Ju’s stack. Surely the same fate would not befall the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion? It did. Ju won in the next hand with pocket tens, beating Lasouski’s ace-high when a flush gave the German yet another reprieve. Moneymaker could only look on at another player’s Houdini act having returned from one big blind in Event #3 to win, and the American lost out in third for $311,000 when his Js3d lost to Ju’s KhTs.

Chris Moneymaker Lost
Chris Moneymaker lost out in third place for a score of $311,000 as the former Main Event winner went close to glory yet again.

Heads-up, Ju was aiming for a miraculous comeback victory, but somehow managed to work himself into the lead when two-pair trumped Lasouski’s missed flush draw. The Belarussian was the underdog all of a sudden but a dominating jack-high hand re-established Lasouski’s lead and on a board of Jd6c3d9c9s, Lasouski shoved with pocket queens. Ju called with 8s6h but it was a zero call not a hero call and all the chips went to his opponent.

Ju claimed the runner-up prize of $452,000, but it was the emotional Lasouski who won through, and won his first-ever Triton title and the top prize of $669,000.

Triton Series Montenegro $30,000 Event #3 Final Table Results:
Place Place Country Prize
1st Artsiom Lasouski Belarus $669,000
2nd Samuel Ju Germany $452,000
3rd Chris Moneymaker United States $311,000
4th Nikita Kuznetsov Russia $253,000
5th Dylan Linde United States $202,000
6th Daniel Rezaei Austria $156,000
7th Danny Tang Hong Kong $114,000
8th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom $82,000