Benjamin Rolle wins this week's $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ for over $424,000. (photo courtesy

After battling back from a short stack and climbing out of a nearly four-to-one heads-up chip deficit, renowned high-stakes tournament pro Benjamin ‘bencb’ Rolle bested the talent-packed final table of the 34th edition of the $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ to walk away with this week’s $424,580 first-place prize.

This week was Rolle’s 11th time playing the event and it marked his fourth cash and second final table. His previous final table appearance was back on August 9 when he finished in fifth place for $136,479. In total, the Raise Your Edge lead coach had previously earned $276,213, and his victory this week brought his Super MILLION$ total prize money to just over $700,000.

At the start of the final table, Rolle was considered one of the long shots to win. He was starting the day eighth in chips (just 6% in play) and, along with Rolle himself, the final table featured some of poker’s brightest minds. Nick Petrangelo was highlighted as the chip leader and joining him at the top of the chip counts was online poker’s former #1-ranked Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens and UK high-stakes savant Michael Zhang.

Like Rolle, Aliaksei Boika was enjoying his second trip to the final table of the Super MILLION$. In his first appearance Boika finished in ninth place and this time he was hoping for more. Unfortunately for Boika, he got involved in a big hand while holding AcTd against Bert Stevens who held AhKd on a board that ran out AsKh3h5sTc. When Stevens shoved the river, Boika made the call which left his stack crippled. It was déjà vu for Boika as he was eliminated on the very next hand, in ninth place, for $53,073.

With roughly 10 big blinds, Ukraine’s Andrii Novak put in a late position raise with AdTc to which Nick Petrangelo, in the cutoff, three-bet with his 9c9h. When it folded back to Novak he shipped, Petrangelo quickly called and the pair watched as the board ran out Jd6c2dQh6s. Novak, who started the day sixth in chips, was out in eighth place and collected $68,826.

The very next hand, ‘U LOSSER’ opened under the gun with TdTh only to be three-bet by Stevens holding JsJc. After Michael Zhang folded AdQc in the big blind, ‘U LOSSER’ committed the rest of his chips, putting their tournament at risk. The flop came 8h3h2s giving ‘U LOSSER’ a back door flush draw to hope for. The Ah turn made it interesting, but the As completed the board sending ‘U LOSSER’ out in seventh for $89,257.

With six left, Steven put in a raise with the KdKh. Rolle then three-bet shipped his 15 big blind stack with Ks6s. It folded to the ‘WatWudHaraldSDo’ in the big blind who shipped his 35 big blind stack with TcTs. Stevens, covering both players, made the call with his kings and the three watched a flop of Ac9c8c providing some flush outs to ‘WatWudHaraldSDo’ but keeping Stevens in the lead. With less than a 2% chance of pulling it out, Rolle was all but out the door. The turn was the 7d giving hope to both Rolle and ‘WatWudHaraldSDo’ who now both had open-ended straight draw outs. The river was the 5s bringing Rolle back from the brink with a straight but sending ‘WatWudHaraldSDo’ out the door in sixth place for $115,752.

The final five grinded for over an hour until the next player was eliminated. Petrangelo opened in the cutoff with the JcJh and, with just 15 big blinds left, Stevens three-bet shoved his As9s from the small blind. Petrangelo made the call and the board ran out QcTc4d6s9h giving the pot to Petrangelo’s pocket jacks. Stevens hit the rail in fifth place and added another $150,112 to his over $13.3 million in career online earnings.

In his 32nd appearance in the GGPoker Super MILLION$, Lithuanian pro Laurynas Levinskas was guaranteed his best Super MILLION$ finish once play reached four-handed. From the cutoff, Levinskas shipped his final seven big blinds with 3s3h. Zhang came over the top holding AhTs. The flop came KdQd8s keeping Levinskas in front but providing some extra straight outs to Zhang. The turn was the 4h but it was the Ad river that ended Levinskas’ run this week. Levinskas finished in fourth place for $194,671 bringing his Super MILLION$ earnings up over $627,000.

With just three left, Zhang held a two-to-one chip advantage on both Rolle and Petrangelo. Petrangelo made his move, looking to do something about that when he opened from the button holding QdJd. Zhang, from the big blind, made the call with his KsTc. Zhang hit top pair on the Kc7s3c flop and checked it over to Petrangelo who put in a bet. Zhang called and the 9d peeled off on the turn. Zhang checked again, Petrangelo fired big again. Zhang made the call. Zhang checked for the third time, and with just 13 big blinds left Petrangelo emptied the chip and fired the third barrel, leaving himself less than one big blind behind. Zhang went into his timebank but ultimately found a call taking the hand down with top pair.

Petrangelo was left with next-to-nothing but managed to double up over the next few hands. Ultimately, he went broke four hands later when his Qd5d fell to Zhang’s Ad2h. Petrangelo finished in third place for $252,457.

With a nearly four-to-one and momentum on his side, it looked like Zhang was about to pull out his first victory in just his third-ever GGPoker Super MILLION$ appearance. But Rolle steadily chipped up, found a double, evened the stacks, and eventually took the lead.

Rolle kept the pressure on and while Zhang made some moves of his own, the cards continued to fall Rolle’s way. All the chips made it into the middle when Rolle called on the button with the Ac6c and Zhang moved all-in for roughly 15 big blinds with the QdTh. Rolle called and the AdKd8s flop put him in the lead right away. Zhang picked up gutshot straight outs along with his backdoor flush possibilities. The Qc killed his flush outs but added two pair possibilities. It was not to be though as the Kc completed the board sending the accomplished Zhang out in second place for $327,396.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (2/2)

1. Benjamin Rolle – $424,581
2. Michael Zhang – $327,396
3. Nick Petrangelo – $252,457
4. Laurynas Levinskas – $194,671
5. Bert Stevens – $150,112
6. ‘WatWudHaraldSDo’ – $115,752
7. ‘U LOSSER’ – $89,257
8. Andrii Novak – $68,827
9. Aliaksei Boika – $53,073