Matthew Wantman
Matthew Wantman took down Event #5 as he beat Daniel Negreanu heads-up for the title.

David Coleman and Matthew Wantman both grabbed PGT titles over a packed weekend of poker action at the U.S. Poker Open. As Scottie Scheffler claimed an imperious Masters win at Augusta over Ludvig Åberg, the chips were flying in Las Vegas as the PokerGO Studio saw great drama play out at the purple felt.

Coleman Shows His Mettle in Event #4

The fourth event of the 2024 U.S. Poker Open saw a victory for David Coleman as a seven-handed all-American final table produced fireworks at the finish. With a total of 83 entrants, only a dozen place were paid and Michael Brinkenhoff was the unfortunate player to just miss out in unlucky 13th place. He was taken out by the Spanish player Sergio Aido, and that hand was immediately followed by two quick bust-outs.

First, Rodger Johnson was eliminated in 12th place for $20,750 when his pair of queens was well and truly beaten by Phil Hellmuth’s rivered Broadway straight. Then, Kristina Holst busted in 11th place for $24,900 when her Jd3h suffered at the hands of the same player, with The Poker Brat holding Kc4h, all the chips going in on the 9c4s2d4d board, a Qc completing the board and sending Holst to the rail as Hellmuth chipped up.

After the impressive Victoria Livschitz (9th for $24,900) and Ed Sebesta (8th for $33,200) left, a seven-handed final table saw Coleman lead a tight final table. By the overnights, however, Coleman led by a lot more and after John Riordan busted, Coleman took out Jonathan Little in sixth for $41,500, another great return for PokerStake investors. Hellmuth lost a flip to bust in fifth for $58,100, before Dylan Weisman’s exit in fourth for $78,850, his Ad9d dominated and defeated by Coleman’s AcKh.

Three-handed play saw Aram Zobian cash for $107,900 in yet another win for PokerStake players in an event peppered with positive scores for them. Zobian was heart-breakingly unlucky, too, his QsQh good for a double-up pre-flop against Shannon Shorr’s ThTd. The only trouble was what came after the chips went in, a board of Ad8dAc3d5d giving Shorr the unlikeliest of four-flushes to take out the dangerous Zobian.

Heads-up, Shorr had almost three times Coleman’s stack thanks to that lucky break, but after the two players agreed a deal, Coleman dominated his way into the lead before making Shorr pay. The underdog doubled once but all-in on a board showing 8s7s3s3h with Td8h, Shorr was crushed by the made flush of Coleman’s KsJs. A 9c on the river confirmed a well-earned victory for Coleman as he scooped the $202,300 top prize and the famous eagle trophy.

2024 U.S. Poker Open Event #4 $10,000 NLHE Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st David Coleman United States $202,300
2nd Shannon Shorr United States $179,500
3rd Aram Zobian United States $107,900
4th Dylan Weisman United States $78,850
5th Phil Hellmuth United States $58,100
6th Jonathan Little United States $41,500
7th John Riordan United States $33,200

Wantman Wins Event #5 for $239,000

The fifth event of the U.S. Poker Open saw Matthew Wantman beat Daniel Negreanu heads-up to take the title and top prize of $239,200. At a final table full of talent, the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Erik Seidel, Victoria Livschitz and David Peters all fell just short of glory.

There were 92 entrants in this event and with 14 places paid instead of 12, a couple more players improved on their stake of $10,100. Bubble boy in Event #5 was Adekunle Olonoh, who lost with Ad6d to Bill Klein’s JhJd as the latter reached almost a million chips when a flop of Js4h4d left Olonoh needing running aces which never came.

By the time the seven-handed final table came about, players such as Rodger Johnson (14th), Jeremy Ausmus (13th) and Nick Schulman (12th) had all left for $23,000, and players such as Justin Zaki (11th for $27,600) and the aforementioned Klein (8th for $36,800) missed out on the final table lights, camera and action too.

Lithuanian player Paulius Plausinaitis led the final seven but lost not only the lead but his stack as he went from hero to zero, crashing out in seventh for $36,800, over $200,000 short of the top prize. David Peters was at-risk with Ac3c but looked good for a double against Daniel Negreanu’s Ks3s, only for a board of Kd7h4cQsQc to send the American home as Kid Poker got lucky.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu came close to victory after a fortunate all-in win but eventually, Kid Poker’s luck ran out.

Grant Wang (5th for $64,400) busted before the superstar Victoria Livschitz exited in fourth or $82,800, again unfortunate to bust to the Canadian poker legend Negreanu. All in with KsKd, Livschitz lost to Negreanu’s 3h3d when a board of Ac7c3c4s8c gave the all-time money list top 10 player a set of threes on the flop.

Three-handed, Erik Seidel cashed for $110,400 when his Ad8d lost to Matthew Wantman’s AcJs and that pot gave Wantman a serious foothold going into the final battle, his 5.2 million not too far behind Negreanu’s chip-leading stack of 6.3 million. The crucial pot went Wantman’s way not long after, all the chips in the middle with Negreanu holding the superior As5d and Wantman at risk with KhQs. A flop of Qh4s2d put Wantman in the lead and Kid Poker was drawing to an ace or a three to complete a better pair or wheel straight respectively. Instead, an 8c turn and 9d completed the board and with a better than 20-to-1 chip lead, Wantman won it on the third all-in hand that followed when his Kc3d held against Negreanu’s Jd8s.

2024 U.S. Poker Open Event #5 $10,000 NLHE Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Matthew Wantman United States $239,200
2nd Daniel Negreanu Canada $151,800
3rd Erik Seidel United States $110,400
4th Victoria Livschitz United States $82,800
5th Grant Wang United States $64,400
6th David Peters United States $46,000
7th Paulius Plausinaitis Lithuania $36,800

Second Half of USPO Schedule Sure to Please Investors

There are still a handful of U.S. Poker Open events to come and with the overall championship title still very much on the line, you can back several of the players chasing the win and $25,000 PGT Passport. Head to our official 2024 U.S. Poker Open staking page to look at everyone who is involved, and you may wish to start with Aram Zobian, who is selling (at either 1.02 or 1.03 markup) to the $26,000-entry Event #8 knowing that if he wins that event, the title is almost guaranteed.

Others selling to the $26,000 buy-in Main Event, a.k.a. Event #8 include Brock Wilson (1.02 or 1.04), Jonathan Little – at zero markup!) and Victoria Livschitz, who also sells without markup. Frankly, each one of these terrific players are great investments, and with Livschitz (9th) and Wilson (12th) both knocking on the door of the leaders and Little not out of contention in 29th place on the USPO Leaderboard, the chances of you making yet more profit are high.

With the final three events sure to be packed with action between some of the world’s best poker players, we can’t wait to find out who will take the lead as they race to win the $25,000 PokerGO Tour Passport and take the eagle trophy home!