David 'Chino' Rheem wins the 2019 PCA Main Event for $1,567,000 on his 100th career cash.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10K Main Event came to a conclusion on Wednesday night and it was veteran poker professional DavidChino’ Rheem who finished in first place taking home the $$1,567,100 first place prize.

For Rheem, it seemed as if he was simply finishing what he started. On Day 4, Rheem ran hot and surged to take a chip lead that he would never surrender while at the final table.

Throughout the day, Rheem continually put pressure on all of his opponents, opening liberally, flatting to take flops in position and staying active both with his play and his table talk. It was a dominating performance that saw Rheem eliminate every single one of the other final table participants.

The entire final table took just under eight hours, including breaks, and at no point in time did it seem that Rheem was in trouble despite facing some very talented opposition.

The final table was tense for a number of hours until, finally, the bustouts began. One-time WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open champion, Brian Altman, found himself trending downward and sitting on one of the smaller stacks. He was the first to clash with Rheem.

Altman opened UTG with Ad3d and it folded back around the Rheem in the big blind who looked down at pocket queens and piled in a big raise. Altman took a moment and put his remaining chips in the middle. Chino, still with his dominating table chip lead, snap-called. The 8h8c7c flop provided no help to Altman. The 3h turn kept the door open but the Ts river ended the run for Altman. Altman finishes the day in sixth place, picking up $297,020 to send his recorded career cashes to over $3 million lifetime.

It took nearly two more levels for the next elimination to occur. Vincent Bosca, with roughly 14 big blinds, opened from the hijack with AdJd prompting a big blind defend from Rheem with 5c3c. The flop came 3dTdQc and Rheem checked. Bosca put in a roughly half pot bet and Rheem check-shoved on him with bottom pair. Bosca made the call with overcards, the flush draw and gutshot straight outs. The Ts turn only gave Bosca more outs and he needed one of 19 cards to hit the river. But the 5h was not one of them and the Spaniard fell in fifth place for $396,880.

After a short break, the action picked up considerably. Roughly half an hour into the next level Ukranian by-way-of Israel Pavel Veksler also found himself facing the wrath of Rheem. Rheem, still having the table covered, open shoved 6s6c from the small blind into Veksler, who looked down at AsQc. Veksler made the call and the pair saw a 2dJhTs flop giving Veksler some additional outs. But as happened to Bosca before him, the 8h turn and 8s river provided no help and Veksler bowed out in fourth place for $503,440.

With Rheem in firm control of the table, both he and the tournament went into overdrive. From the bu,tton Rheem opened with AcTd and Scott Wellenbach, the Buddist translator who has promised all of his winnings to charity, made his final stand by shoving KcQh. Rheem called and the flop came 8h7cKh, putting Wellenback in the lead. The turn brought the Jd giving Rheem open-ended straight out to go along with his over card. The river was the 9s, once again giving Rheem the cards he needed to win a big hand. Wellenback’s journey ended in 3rd place and he takes home $671,240, all of which is seemingly destined to be put to good use.

Heads-up play between Rheem and Daniel Strelitz didn’t take very long with Rheem having a nearly 8:1 chip advantage. Rheem then wrapped up what he started from way back in Day 1 when he ended his opening flight with heaps of chips. From the button, Strelitz open shoved the As2s and Rheem snap called with…pocket fives, 5s5d. The flop came KhJcTc keeping Rheem in the lead. The 3h turn was of no help to Strelitz and the Ts on the river sealed the deal for Rheem to win the 100th cash of his accomplished career.

For his runner-up finish, Daniel Strelitz takes home $951,480.

Chino Rheem is the 2019 PCA Main Event Champion and awarded the $1,567,100 first-place prize.

PCA 2019 Main Event Final Table Payouts

1. Chino Rheem – $1,567,100
2. Daniel Strelitz – $951,480
3. Scott Wellenback – $671,240
4. Pavel Veksler – $503,440
5. Vicent Bosca – $396,880
6. Brian Altman – $297,920