Chino Rheem Event 4
Chino Rheem won Event 4 of the 2023 Poker Masters after a final battle against Jonathan Little went his way.

The fourth final table of the 2023 Poker Masters featured [layers who hadn’t made it so far before now and was a thriller. With six starting the finale and $218,400 to the winner, it was David ‘Chino’ Rheem who conquered the half dozen, with opponents such as Daniel Negreanu, Chris Brewer, Justin Saliba and Rheem’s heads-up opponent, Jonathan Little, coming up just shy of glory.

Kid Poker Crashes Out

Another popular event and the fourth of 10 to take place in this year’s 2023 Poker Masters kicked off on the live stream on PokerGO with fireworks. There were 91 entries on Day 1 of the event, with 13 players cashing for the second tournament in a row. Players such as Andrew Lichtenberger (13th), Darren Elias (8th) and Jeremy Ausmus (7th) claimed impressive cashes, but couldn’t make the final day, which was led by PokerStake action-seller Jonathan Little when six resumed action on the second and final day.

Daniel Negreanu was easily the biggest name to reach the final table, but for the Canadian poker superstar and GGPoker Global Ambassador, it was a final table to instantly forget. Negreanu came in short, but looked in the perfect position to double up through Brock Wilson when the latter three-bet with Ah5h only for Negreanu to be all-in with 7h7c. The board of JsTh3cAs8d turned Wilson a top pair of aces, however, and DNegs slid out for $54,600 in sixth place.

Shortly after Negreanu’s elimination, another player survived in what proved to be a pivotal pot. All-in with the best of it, the man who made the final ‘November Nine’ in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, Chino Rheem, had AdKs. He was well ahead of Chris Brewer’s AsJc, and the board of Ts5h3h9sKd never looked like letting him down along the way. That vaulted Rheem from being at-risk to the new chip leader.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu didn’t have the best day at the felt, unluckily crashing out in sixth place.

Brewer and Sailba Bow Out

Chris Brewer and Justin Saliba are two players who have earned their high roller stripes and they clashed in a number of pots on route to the final five. It was no surprise, then, when one such skirmish resulted in an elimination, as Saliba’s AdJs faced off against the superior AcKd of Brewer in another pre-flop all-in war. A queen-high board resulted in Saliba being left with scraps, which went in the next hand as his Jc6c lost to Brewer’s AsKd, his second ‘Big Slick’ in a row.

Saliba’s fifth-place finish was worth $72,800, but Brewer didn’t last long before he joined him on the rail. Despite doubling up through Rheem, Brewer couldn’t make it last, and after Rheem doubled through Little to regain his lead and the momentum, Brewer lost almost all of his chips with QcTc. Leaving only a few of his chips behind, he lost to Brock Wilson’s AhKd as the board of 5c4s2sTsKh reduced his chances to slim.

All-in soon after with Qc3c, Brewer was up against Wilson again, as the latter’s 5s5h prevailed. A flop of 9d5c5d gave Wilson quads and as the rest of the meaningless board played out, Brewer was already on his feet wishing his compatriots farewell. Wilson’s pile of 2,655,000 chips gave him a chance, around a million ahead of Little, but Rheem’s stack of 7 million was looking daunting.

Little Comes Up Short

An almost instant double-up for Jonathan Little pleased both him and any investors he had on PokerStake as the poker coach and tournament professional had some good fortune. All-in and at risk with Ac7c, Little was crushed pre-flop by Wilson’s QhQc. But a flop of AhJs5c overturned those odds and the 5s turn and 2d river were both safe.

Wilson was suddenly very short indeed, and despite spinning his short stack into a more playable one by doubling through both of his opponents, a board showing Ts7d3h4h was enough to persuade Wilson to move all in with JcTh for a flopped top pair. Rheem called in a second with Tc7h and held to knock out his opponent.

As Wilson trooped to the cash desk to collect $109,200, Rheem (8,950,000) and Little (2,425,000) prepared for one final battle. The first all-in of heads-up provided Little wit the perfect start as his AdQd held against Rheem’s 8h5s, but the latter still had a slight lead. On a flop of QsJc9d, Little check-raised with Qc9h, and called off Rheem’s shove, but Rheem’s KhJh hit a Td on the turn to make a straight.

Little needed to fill up on the river to survive, but an inconsequential 7c left Little licking his ounds after an excellent result for $154,700. For Rheem, it was a trophy lift and the top prize of $218,400 as everyone continues to pursue Vladas Tamasauskas at the top of the Poker Masters leaderboard.

Poker Masters 2023 $10,00 Event #4 Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Chino Rheem United States $218,400
2nd Jonathan Little United States $154,700
3rd Brock Wilson United States $109,200
4th Chris Brewer United States $91,000
5th Justin Saliba United States $72,800
6th Daniel Negreanu Canada $54,600