PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA
The first-ever PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA set state online poker records for field size, entries, and first-place prize

The biggest online poker tournament in Pennsylvania history has its winner. Very early on Tuesday morning, ‘D-Low1527‘ topped the huge field of 2,774 entries in the record-breaking PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA tournament to win $69,670.79.

PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA Final Table Results

  1. D-Low1527 – $69,670.79*
  2. justbuy44 – $58,175.62*
  3. CutYourOwnGrass – $37,444.69
  4. caruso11125 – $26,477.41
  5. Name_Not_Import – $18,722.37
  6. philsfan123 – $13,238.75
  7. BDGEJLM – $9,361.23
  8. YouAlreadyKnow3 – $6,619.35
  9. RevoltingBlob12 – $4,680.61

*Denotes a deal was made.

The two-day event kicked off on Sunday, May 17, 2020. After Day 1, 291 players remained with ‘justbuy44’ on top. Those players were all in the money as the top 467 places cashed a minimum of $360.24. Entering Day 2, ‘justbuy44‘ was the only player with more than 400,000 in chips.

When the final nine-handed table was reached, it was ‘D-Low1527’ in the lead. The players began to fall, with ‘RevoltingBlob12‘ going out in ninth, ‘YouAlreadyKnow3‘ busting in eighth, ‘BDGEJLM‘ finishing seventh, and ‘philsfan123‘ placing sixth. After a bit of five-handed play, the remaining players opted to pause the tournament and discuss a deal.

Following the chat conversation between the players, some could not see the deal numbers that were supposed to pop up when the break started. The players that could not see the numbers claimed to only get a blank white screen and there was no member of support present to assist them. Play resumed because the break timed out. The players started the break again to see if they could sort things out, but the same issues came up so they were forced back to playing without a deal in place.

In fifth place, ‘Name_Not_Import‘ busted and earned $18,722.37. Then ‘caruso11125‘ went out in fourth for $26,477.41. With three players left, ‘D-Low1527’ had the chip lead with about 65% of the chips in play and the final three players tried to make a deal.

The shortest stack of the three, ‘CutYourOwnGrass,’ said he was having the same issue and only getting a blank white screen when trying to view the deal numbers. ‘D-Low1527’ said to just play it out and action resumed. Shortly after the cards were back in the air, ‘CutYourOwnGrass’ doubled through ‘D-Low1527.’

‘CutYourOwnGrass’ would end up busting in third for $37,444.69 and then ‘D-Low1527’ and ‘justbuy44’ agreed to a deal. The original payouts were set with $74,891.69 for first place and $52,954.72 for second place. In the end, ‘D-Low1527’ finished off ‘justbuy44’ and earned $69,670.79 in first-place prize money. For the runner-up finish, ‘justbuy44’ took home $58,175.62.

The final hand saw ‘D-Low1527’ and ‘justbuy44’ get the money in on the Ks9s3h flop. ‘D-Low1527’ had top pair with the Kd2h and ‘justbuy44’ had the Tc3c. The turn was the 8h and the river was the Ac to give ‘D-Low1527’ the victory in Pennsylvania’s largest online poker tournament ever.

Final hand of the first-ever PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA tournament
Final hand of the first-ever PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA tournament that gave ‘D-Low1527’ that big victory

Record-Setting Tournament

The event had a $200 buy-in and a $250,000 prize pool guarantee. With nearly 2,800 entries tallied, the prize pool more than doubled the guarantee with $515,964 up for grabs. There were 1,760 unique players and 1,014 reentries in the tournament. The number of entries and prize pool both set records in the Keystone State.

The previous prize pool record for a single online poker tournament in Pennsylvania was from the PokerStars PASCOOP Main Event in April. That event had a $300 buy-in, 1,315 entries, and a $368,200 prize pool. The PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA tournament had a prize pool of nearly $150,000 more.