The poker world was talking after Garrett Adelstein (right) was slowrolled by Dylan Gang (left) on Hustler Casino Live.

When it comes to etiquette in poker, performing a slowroll might just be one of the worst offenses. An intentional one is specifically designed to tilt an opponent and no matter the stakes, when one takes place it’s going to get the table talking.

Unless, of course, you’re Garrett Adelstein, one of today’s most respected televised high-stakes grinders.

In a recent episode of Hustler Casino Live, program regular Dylan Gang, decided to test the temperament of Adelstein. On a board of Qh3c3h4dKd, Adelstein, holding KsTs bet $20,000 on the river into a pot of $36,000. However, Dylan was sitting with 4s4c for the turned full house. When the action was on him he raised to $75,000, making it $55,000 for Garrett to call. Adelstein, clearly put in a spot, shot Dylan a glance and went deep in the tank. Eventually, Adelstein painfully tossed in call with both hands, making it a $186,000 pot. A that’s when it happened:

“Good call,” Dylan said, a clear implication that he was beaten.

Adelstein flipped over his hand, assuming he’d won. A full two seconds later, Dylan dryly said “Just kidding” and showed down the boat. Check out the entire hand right here:

What happened next was nearly as surprising as the slowroll. Adelstein didn’t say a word. He simply paid the bet and got back to business.

Bart Hansen in the booth sounded stunned as he contextualized what just happened.

“That…was definitely in poor etiquette I will say,” Hansen said. “That is a slowroll. And I think I’m an expert on analyzing slowrolls. Dylan just became the supervillain and we have a new livestream legend born.”

It didn’t take long for the hand to get clipped and shipped to social media where some members of the poker world were quick to point out that Adelstein took the slowroll with an extraordinary amount of professionalism.

Dylan may have earned the new nickname “Dylan The Villian”, but for those that have paid attention to the Hustler Live Stream, they’d know this isn’t the first time Dylan has shown that he likes to mix it up to try and get under someone’s skin.

Back in October, Dylan was one of the featured players when Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan took a seat in the Hustler Casino Live cash game. Dylan, left his stack on the table in the middle of the game and headed out early to sit courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game – one in which he was eventually escorted out of the arena after a confrontation with Rajon Rondo. (Check that out below)

Where Rondo had Dylan removed for slapping his hand away, Adelstein took to Twitter to comment that it’s going to take a lot more than simply a slowrolling a hand to get inside his head.

Check out the complete Hustler Casino Live stream that featured that hand right here: