When PocketFives was founded in 2005, it was born into an era that – post-Moneymaker – was a changing landscape. The online poker world needed a resource of poker information and over the past 17 years, PocketFives has become the definitive place to go for results, stories and rankings in the online poker world. We’re proud that from that base of information, our small site – a little like the Moneymaker Effect – has got bigger and bigger.


The Changing Face of Poker
In recent years, we’ve changed. As poker has grown, so have we. From world exclusive interviews to our revolutionary poker staking arm, we’ve been adding in value for poker players and fans for over almost two decades. Moving with the times has been our mission, and we have taken off in ways we would never have imagined all those years ago.
To reflect how prominent our staking platform has become in the game of poker, we’re renaming PocketFives as PokerStake, but have no fear – we’ll still be telling the best poker stories, and giving you even more of a sweat in the New Year.
Over recent years, we’ve introduced the only trustworthy global online poker rankings, started crucial conversations in poker and brought some of poker’s most memorable stories to life on the site. That is only going to continue to grow as we move forward, and as the poker scene has continuously evolved, so have we… becoming PokerStake!


What You Need to Know
While there’s nothing you need to do in order to enjoy the growth of our site from PocketFives to PokerStake, it’s always good to know what’s changing.
Here are your main takeaways :
– We’ll be changing our name from PocketFives to PokerStake on December 26th, 2022.
– The company will be running our new site without any changes.
– The same applies to our customers’ accounts, balances and information. Nothing needs doing if you already use our services and we’ll deliver the same consistent services you enjoy. All stakings purchased beforehand will be kept.
– All website links will be automatically redirected to minimize any inconvenience.


In 2023, under our new name of PokerStake, we will introduce even more ways to stake, reinforcing our partnership with the World Series of Poker and other poker brands in 2023 and beyond.
– We’ll provide advanced poker rankings and even more in-depth poker stories you won’t read anywhere else.
– Our newly modernized technology will give our product the best security and the fastest speed


In 2023, get ready to sweat with PokerStake at www.pokerstake.com. We’re excited to make your Happy New Year the most exciting one yet!