Enter high-stakes poker tournaments on 888poker for just 1¢.

Satellite tournaments give poker players with modest bank rolls an opportunity to play outside of their usual comfort zone. And with the latest tournament changes at 888poker, MTT grinders will want to find out how they can get in amongst the action on the cheap.

Turning a small buy-in into a huge score is the poker dream with the most famous example being of course, Chris Moneymaker. The man who sparked the poker boom of the noughties qualified into the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event for a mere $87 and the rest, they say, is history.

With 888poker adding $500,000 in guarantees to their weekly schedule as well as holding more events with at least $10,000 prize pools, poker players can look to have their own Moneymaker moment on the platform.

How to Satellite into 888poker’s Featured Tournaments

The Big Shot

The Big Shot is the new daily main event, with direct buy-ins for this event falling under both the mid and high-stakes range. The most notable Big Shot tournament takes place 7 pm each night and has a buy-in of $109 with $20,000 guaranteed ($150,000 on a Sunday).

From now until April 2, players can acquire tickets for freeroll tournaments from the Winner Spinner which will satellite them directly into the Big Shot $109. If a player is unlucky and misses out on these tickets then there’s the following routes to get a seat at the table:

  • $16.50 buy-in with 5-10 tickets up for grabs.
  • $5.50 buy-in with three seats guaranteed.
  • $2.20 – $3.30 sub-satellites: If a player is successful in navigating through this event, then they win a $16.50 ticket. Players must then survive this second satellite to make it to the Big Shot.

For the Big Shot $33-$55 tournaments, plays can qualify from as little as $0.50 and $1 respectively.

The Classic

This tournament is a throwback, it’s a classic freezeout and has a short late registration period. There are two events, the Classic $5.50 and $55. For the low buy-in tournament, there are no sub-satellites and you can qualify for this event from $0.01 – $0.50.

Those who want to get into the Classic $55, sub-satellites start at $1 with direct satellites varying from $2.20 – $8.80.

The Dash

This turbo tournament is for those who can’t spend all day grinding, and is yet another event that has varied buy-ins. The Dash $109 is the big boy for this structure with $5,000 guaranteed. Players can advance to this high-stakes event for $5.50.

Mid stakes ($22-$44) Dash tournaments can be accessed for as low $1 and the $5.50 & $8.80 Dash’s have $0.10 – $0.50 satellites. These all have guarantees between $1,000 and $3,000.

The Mayhem

Mayhem tournaments are six max turbos with rebuys. There are three Mayhem’s ($11, $22 & $55) which players can get into for a fraction of the price.

Sub-satellites for the $11 and $22 events begin at just $0.50 and direct satellites to these fluctuate from $1 to $3.30. The Mayhem $55 satellites can cost a player $2.20 or $8.80, it’s important to note that the $8.80 tournament will have more seats up for grabs than that of the $2.20.

The Rumble

PKO’s are all the rage at the moment and they now feature far more on 888poker than in previous years. Using satellites to enter either the Rumble $109 or $215 can allow low-stakes recreational players to earn a couple hundred bucks, boosting their bankroll, without even needing to make the final table of a tournament if they’re able to knock out a few players.

Like the Big Shot $109, players can either choose to play the $5.50 or $16.50 satellite for direct entry or they can opt to try their luck at the $3.30 sub-satellite

The Voyage

  • Voyage $5.50 – $0.10 and $0.50 satellites
  • Voyage $8.80 – $0.10 sub-satellite with $0.50 and $1 direct satellites
  • Voyage $16.50 – $0.10 sub-satellite with $0.50 and $2.20 direct satellites
  • Voyage $22 – $0.1 to $0.50 sub-satellites with $1 and $3.30 direct satellites
  • Voyage $55 – $1 sub-satellite with $2.20 and $8.80 direct satellites