Brill and Postle
The best of frenemies? Or just enemies. Brill and Postle have clashed again this week.

Mike Postle has been out of the poker limelight for some time. To many, that is a good thing, and it would be understandable if anyone not connected with his case wished that – much like from the poker table – Postle would disappear from public scrutiny too. However, his recent resurfacing on a Poker X/Twitter Space saw a rambling, at times shambolic ‘show’ reignite fury in the person he has accused the most.

Postle Postures on Blank Space

“Sounds like a powerful metaphor, Mr. Postle.”

When Postle spoke on the X/Twitter Space on Monday evening, the discourse went from polite welcomes to rambling non sequiturs. Everything about the chat stayed either on the fringes or, at times, completely ignored any questions, let alone the tough ones.

At no point did anyone simply ask: ‘Why were you staring at your own crotch for two hours in a streamed cash game?’, for example.

What Postle did do, however, was to posture, telling listeners that ‘there’s no fun in this unless I’m guilty’. This itself was wrong, because proof of guilt or not, the footage of a man making insane hero-calls while glued to his phone that is sitting on his crotch is super fun before you even consider the element of cheating.

Seeming to suggest that the entire process was a set-up to make him the victim, without quite suggesting the logic or feasibility of doing this on alive stream, Postle simply spat out ‘What if’ moments, without anyone who was hosting the show at any point shutting down this talk or at the very least attempting to redirect it in the direction of valid content.

Rambling what came across as nonsense to many for some time, Postle got this in response:

“Sounds like a powerful metaphor, Mr. Postle.”

Something smelled powerful, that’s for sure.

Veronica Brill Isn’t Taking Criticism Lying Down

Talking in an exclusive with PokerNews, Veronica Brill, also known as ‘Angry Polak’ in some online forums, has come out firing after Mike Postle appeared to suggest that the cheating allegations against him came towards him in no small part thanks to Brill’s accusations rather than his actions.

Just a year ago, Brill, five years on from the first moment she blew the whistle as she saw it on a cheater at the live-streamed cash game table, she told PokerFlops that Mike Postle would “never cash out…until I’m paid”. Now she’s livid as Postle directing his ‘What Ifs’ and anger towards her.

“I did not think that almost five years after I went public with my cheating allegations against Mike that I would still be having to deal with this,” said Brill, “Mike seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on this cheating scandal being my fault, or more importantly him being proven to be a cheater as something that I did. And I did do the initial accusation yes, but I am not the reason why he has been deemed as a cheater in poker. He’s assigning me an incredible amount of power and reducing the general poker intellect as that of men who can be swayed by a middle-aged woman who posts thirst traps, with none of you having any critical thinking skills or being able to competently analyze the situation.”

Brill Blames Deflection for Attention

“[Postle] can’t face Doug Polk or Matt Berkey or anyone else with a competent poker mind.”

Veronica Brill went on to suggest that Postle’s targeting of her for an interview in the future was down to him not wanting to break down any of the ludicrous poker hands that Postle won back on that infamous series of Stones Gambling Hall streams four and a half years ago. Brill draws an obvious line there.

“I think that Mike looks at this situation as a two-part thing,” she told PokerNews. “One being my accusations and who I am as the person accusing him, the second being the actual hands themselves and all of the statistical anomalies and crotch staring involved in that.”

Brill went further, saying that he knows he “can’t face Doug Polk or Matt Berkey or anyone else with a competent poker mind. He wants to focus on the only thing he thinks he can spin and that’s my accusations.”

Whether Mike Postle and Verinoca Brill will actually meet up and discuss the matter is highly doubtful. If it does, Mike Postle would like a time limit on proceedings. It’s fair to say that the poker industry would probably need one in order to stay engaged with his turgid explanations. Brill suggested that Postle would be better off seeking medical assistance for any issues he is facing personally.

“Appealing to a mostly logical poker professional base with more talks of conspiracies and magic do not improve your chances of swaying the public, Mike. I hope you get some help.”