Jeremy Ausmus won Event #4 ($15,000 NLHE) of the PokerGO Cup for $263,250.

Just one day after finishing as runner-up to Jake Daniels in Event #3 of the 2022 PokerGO Cup, Jeremy Ausmus was back at the final table in Event #4 ($15,000 NLHE), only this time he went the distance and topped the 65-entry field for the win and a $263,250 payday.

Ausmus started the day near the bottom of the chip counts, but didn’t have to wait very long for his opportunity to chip up.

With the blinds at 25,000/50,000 (50,000 ante) Justin Saliba put in a raise to 100,000 from the cutoff with the JhJc. Ausmus picked up the TsTd on the button and three-bet shipped his final 755,000. After Bill Klein folded his small blind, table short stack Jesse Lonis looked down at AsAc and called for the rest of his 660,000 stack. Faced with two all-in, Saliba went for the double KO and called with his pocket jacks. The three saw a flop of Th8d4d sending Ausmus from worst to first with a set of tens. The 6s hit the turn and when the 5h completed the board, Ausmus nearly tripled up and Lonis was headed for the door, aces cracked, in sixth place for $58,500.

Ausmus then overtook Brock Wilson for the chip lead, leaving Saliba as the new short stack. During the next level, 30,000/60,000 (60,000 ante), Wilson opened from the button to 140,000. Saliba picked up AhKs in the small blind and committed his final four big blinds. Wilson made the call, putting Saliba at risk. The flop came QcQh4d, keeping Saliba ahead but providing some chop opportunities. Everything changed with Wilson binked the Jh on the turn to take the lead. Saliba was drawing to a king, but the 4c came on the river ending his tournament in fifth place for $78,000.

During the same level, Klein was sitting with fewer than 10 big blinds and was looking to find a way back up the leaderboard. After Wilson put in a raise to 120,000 from under the gun with Jc9d, Klein moved all-in from the small blind for 480,000 with his KdTd. Cary Katz woke up with the AcQc in the big blind and just made the call. Wilson bowed out and Katz flopped trips on the QdQs5s flop. The turn was the 5h and Klein was drawing dead to river. Klein, who started the day third in chips, fell in fourth for $97,500.

Once again, Ausmus found himself on the bottom of the chip counts when three-handed play started. But it wasn’t long before he picked up a big pot off Katz and left the PokerGO founded with just four big blinds.

The blinds were at 50,000/100,000 when Ausmus picked up AsAc in the big blind and put in a raise big enough to put Katz all-in. With just 400,000 total and 200,000 committed with the big blind and ante, Katz stuck the rest of his chips in with the Qh9s and saw the bad news. The board ran out Js6c3d8c3h sending Katz out in third place for $126,750.

Wilson had a two-to-one chip lead over Ausmus headed into heads-up play and it appeared that both were trying to work out whether there was a deal to be made. But nothing was said and the pair played on. Slowly, Ausmus chipped away at Wilson’s lead. The tide really turned when Ausmus picked off a big bluff attempt by Wilson with bottom pair to assume the chip lead.

Ausmus never looked back, widening the gap and opening a roughly six-to-one chip lead. On the final hand, Wilson moved all-in with the Ac4h and Ausmus made the call with the Qs3c. The flop came Kc8h4s, giving Wilson bottom pair and hope for a double. But the turn was the Qh, putting Ausmus way ahead. The river was the Jc and it was all over. Wilson earned a second-place score of $195,000 while Ausmus booked the win and a $263,250 payday.

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PokerGO Cup Event #4 Final Table Results

  1. Jeremy Ausmus – $263,250
  2. Brock Wilson – $195,000
  3. Cary Katz – $126,750
  4. Bill Klein – $97,500
  5. Justin Saliba – $78,000
  6. Jesse Lonis – $58,500