Jon 'itsmejon' Borenstein was just one of the many PocketFivers who found success during the recent Coast to Coast Classic II.

With over $1 million in guaranteed money up for grabs,’s Coast to Coast Classic II (C2CCII) offered players in poker’s ‘Regulated States of America’ another chance to play for big money without having to set up shop outside of the USA.

PocketFivers from Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware battled against each other from August 3-12 in the 36-event series. The Main Event was one of the larger online tournaments held inside the USA since Black Friday carrying a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. With so much up for grabs, it’s no wonder that a number of PocketFives members took up the challenge and padded their bankrolls.

Here are just a few of the players who found success during the series.

Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano

One of New Jersey’s premier poker players, Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano crushed during Coast to Coast II, taking home more than his fair share of the series $1 million guarantee. Playing under his screen name ‘itWasThatOr0’, Gagliano secured two five-figure scores, both over $30,000.

First up for Gagliano was a victory in Event #9, the $100,000 No Limit Hold’em Sunday Special for just over $36,000. ‘Gags’ then parlayed his victory into Event #16, the $85,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller. He took that one down too for another $32,403.

Gagliano only registered three total cashes for the series, however earning the victory in the two largest tournaments outside of the Main Event brought him a total of $68,659.

He currently sits as the #5-ranked player inside the United States.

Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein

New Jersey grinder, and 2017 WPT500 Main Event Winner, Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein continued to put himself in good spots during the series. Borenstein cashed in six of the 36 events, four of which he found himself at the final table.

His series was highlighted by a runner-up finish in Event #11, the $20,000 No Limit Hold’em Sunday Funday for $5,906. He then joined Gagliano at the final table of Event #16 where he picked up an additional $11,174 for his fourth-place finish. Borenstein wrapped the series earning just over $20,000.

His results during the series helped him eclipse $500,000 in total lifetime online earnings.

David ‘bewater’ Goodman

Nevada’s hottest online poker player and the current #2-ranked player in the United States, David ‘bewater’ Goodman continued his heater this August. Goodman only cashed in four different events and three of the cashes were for four-figures. Impressively, two of his results ended up being second place finishes.

Goodman first scored just over $6,000 in Event #7, $35,000 No Limit Hold’em Saturday Night Shuffle Up. Three days later he just missed out on a victory when he finished as the runner-up in Event #17, $35,000 No Limit Hold’em Tuesday Showdown for $8770.

By the end of the series ‘bewater’ added over $17,000 to his $1.3 million lifetime online earnings. His results helped him reach an all-time career high ranking of #64 in the PocketFives Worldwide Rankings.

Chad ‘Flushoff11’ Dubik

Hailing from Englewood, New Jersey, Chad ‘Flushoff11’ Dubik found himself at the final table of every C2CCII event he cashed in. In fact, it was five final tables in total including a seat at the final table of the series’ Main Event.

Dubek secured a career-high cash when he took the bronze medal in Event #33, $250,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event for $21,500. Dubek was the beneficiary of some overlay as he outlasted 307 of the 310 runners that played in the event. However, Dubek had been running hot all series long, picking up four other four-figure cashes during the week. This run included a victory in Event #23, $17,500 No Limit Hold’em Chips Chips Chips Event for $5,085.

In total he picked up over $30,000 in just under a week, helping him grind past $100,000 in career lifetime earnings.

Justin ‘Lappy’ Taylor Lapka

Currently ranked #447 in the world, Saint Paul, MN native Justin ‘Lappy’ Taylor Lapka found himself in the money in seven of the C2CCII events. Playing out of Nevada, Lapka made himself one $18,000 over the course of the series on the back of a pair of final table finishes.

He played with Gagliano at the final table of Event #9, where he finished in fourth place for $9,345. The very next day he outright won Event #14, $20,000 No Limit Hold’em Little Monday for another $6,894.

The Coast to Coast run good comes on the heels of his fifth-place finish in the World Series of Poker’s Online Championship bracelet event where he earned a career-high cash of over $65,000.

Coast To Coast II Results

Event # Event Winner Amount Won
1 $30,000 NLH Kick Off Jakep474 $7,800.00
2 $20,000 NLH [R&A] Anthony16 $5,687.95
3 $10,000 NLH [KO] Jermz $3,889.60
4 $15,000 PLO [6 Max] Grandpa10 $4,275.00
5 $20,000 NLH [Deep] ShadowFiend1 $5,912.63
6 $15,000 NLH [1x Re-entry] Scotters0430 $4,090.32
7 $35,000 NLH Bamatide88 $10,470.87
8 $25,000 [4 Max] ALLinSavage $6,750.00
9 $100,000 NLH itWasThatOr0 $36,108.00
10 $25,000 NLH [6 Max] Nitr0 $9,974.64
11 $20,000 NLH Eddiegood598 $10,237.76
12 $15,000 NLH [Turbo] NYR9414 $5,635.81
13 $15,000 NLH [R&A] Gzack $6,123.06
14 $20,000 NLH [R&A] LappyPoker $6,894.16
15 $15,000 NLH 8×8 [Turbo] GIFAFI $4,686.00
16 $85,000 NLH [High Roller] itWasThatOr0 $32,403.15
17 $35,000 NLH snapfish $15,035.49
18 $15,000 NLH [6 Max] kirch25 $6,082.81
19 $15,000 NLH [Deep, R&A] trau686 $4,679.76
20 $20,000 NLH [Freezeout] skillz225 $6,051.76
21 $15,000 NLH [Turbo] Jbrownski $5,369.92
22 $15,000 NLH Hades_Man $3,999.38
23 $17,500 NLH [Deep] flushoff11 $5,085.99
24 $25,000 NLH [6 Max] Zebra_Debra $6,750.00
25 $20,000 NLH [R&A] TotalWar $5,400.00
26 $20,000 NLH [Deep] BrockLesnar $5,400.00
27 $25,000 NLH [Deep] pokermantis $6,750.00
28 $10,000 NLH [KO] Pierogi $2,850.00
29 $20,000 NLH [Deep] schwang $5,990.71
30 $20,000 NLH [R&A] baga_buuch $5,500.00
31 $25,000 NLH Bamatide88 $6,750.00
32 $10,000 PLO jonmon101 $3,505.20
33 $250,000 Main Event Loco4coco $63,750.00
34 $22,222 NLH mony4nothn05 $5,661.60
35 $25,000 NLH OregonTilt $9,396.00
36 $25,000 NLH Closer Mendey $8,776.80