Earlier this month, six-time WSOP bracelet winner Ted Forrest went public with a gripe about a high-stakes weight-loss prop betwith Mike Matusow that had supposedly been left unpaid. But this week, “The Mouth” hit back, telling his side of the story and painting the circumstances surrounding the bet in a different light.

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In a series of Tweets which have now been deleted, Matusow recalled that the bet was made as somewhat of a joke. “Four years ago me and Ted made a bet and were very drunk when we made it. I then told him I don’t want the bet because I can’t afford to lose,” he said.

Forrest, it seems, was completely serious about the wager and demanded that Matusow pay a fee to buy out early. “He then said ‘sorry, you owe me $500K to cancel the bet,’ I laughed and said ‘fine don’t cancel the bet but I’m not changing my lifestyle for anyone,’ and that if you win you will get $5K a month out of my Full Tilt paycheck,” Matusow continued.

The 186-pound Forrest threw himself into the task, cutting out sugar and eating less meat, adding in more exercise and raw vegetables. During the WSOP, the pro would walk to and from the Rio every day and then run four miles every dinner break. During the final 10 days of the bet, he ate little more than a tomato, a kiwi, and a handful of fruits just to make sure he would hit his target weight of 138 pounds.

When his victory seemed close at hand, Forrest was already concerned that Matusow wouldn’t pay up. “After it looked like he would win, he went to Howard [Lederer] and Full Tilt demanding they pay the bet if he wins. They laughed in his face,” said “The Mouth.”

On the July 15 weigh-in date, Forrest (pictured) had completed the astounding task and won the $1.8 million bet.

On Twitter, Matusow placed much of the blame for his lack of payment on his pre-Black Friday employer. “You all know Full Tilt stole mine and everyone’s money and I’ve struggled to survive since. But now he has been paid $200K by Justin Smithwho had 10% of the bet and $93,500 by me in which I told him I would pay $106,500, which is 10%,” he added. “I feel this is more than fair since Full Tilt ruined my life.”

Forrest was unmoved and claimed that Matusow has made more than enough to make good on the wager. “In 2010 Mike was not broke and he has won more than $1.8 million in the last four years,” he Tweeted.

He also recounted a previous six-figure weight loss bet that he had lost against Matusow after “The Mouth” had dropped 60 pounds. “Mike beat me on a weight bet for $100K. I paid him. When I won my weight bet, he did not even pay me the $100K.” Forrest is pictured with Matusow following his 138-pound weigh-in (image courtesy OnlinePokerReport).

Even so, it doesn’t seem like Forrest will be seeing the rest of the cash anytime soon. “Sorry Ted,if you think you’re getting any more money, sue me,” continued Matusow. “Stop lying about me to people in public or I will out you for the thief and crook that you are,” he taunted.

With both pros among the 10 finalists to be inaugurated into this year’s Poker Hall of Fame, some thought that the timing of Forrest’s claims were anything but coincidental. But the 49-year-old denied the accusation and even complemented Matusow on helping to popularize the game. “Mike’s crazy antics have helped promote poker and he definitely has Hall of Fame credentials,” he Tweeted. “I am simply standing up for what I believe to be right.”

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