It’s almost 2014. Do you remember the biggest poker news stories of the year we’re about to say goodbye to? What generated buzz? What got the PocketFives community talking? We’re about to turn the page on 2013, so we thought it’d be interesting to count down the five most read poker news stories published on PocketFives this year. Read Part 1 of this article series in which we recapped #10 to #6.

5: Daniel Negreanu: “I Don’t Think Tom Dwan is One of the Best in the World”

Two of the five most read articles from 2013 involve Daniel Negreanu (pictured). The first checks in as the #5 most read article of the year and was published on the final day of July. Negreanu took a swipe at Tom Dwan in an interview with Poker Player UK, saying, “I don’t think Tom is one of the best in the world. I don’t know if he ever was. He got elevated after his appearance on ‘High Stakes Poker’ because he ran well and played well. Realistically, though, he doesn’t put in the time or practice playing now.” Dwan and Full Tilt Poker elected to part ways in December.

4: Dan Bilzerian Allegedly Wins $10.8 Million in Epic Poker Session

This article was published a few weeks ago and resulted from two Tweets from Dan Bilzerian. The part-time poker player and Instagram legend Tweeted, “I played poker tonight with 13 million in front of me, heads-up 5K/10K, damn what a rush.” Bilzerian then reported, “Won 10.8 million last night playing poker, headed to Puerto Vallarta to relax.” He accompanied the latter Tweet with an Instagram pic of him boarding a private jet.

3: Crockfords Gives Details of How Phil Ivey Allegedly Cheated

In August 2012, Phil Ivey (pictured) won over £7 million playing Punto Banco at Crockfords in London. Instead of paying Ivey the money, Crockfords launched an investigation into his hot run, alleging the presence of asymmetrical card backs, asking the dealer to turn the deck because of “superstition,” and betting adjustments when certain card backs were seen. According to CardPlayer in September “Ivey has said he was able to read the cards, but maintains that it was the casino’s fault for allowing the opportunity to arise and that what he did isn’t considered cheating. He still wants his money.”

2: Basic Bankroll Management

This article from Chris Fox Wallace is actually from 2005, but continues to be one of the most read pieces of content on PocketFives. It dives into the number of big bets or buy-ins needed to navigate Limit Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em, Sit and Gos, and MTTs with a sustainable coffer. Wallace also talks about taking shots and differentiates between pro players, protected bankroll players, and unprotected bankroll players.

1: Daniel Negreanu Finds Love on Millionaire Matchmaker

This article comes from the second week of 2013 and recaps Daniel Negreanu’s appearance on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” in the show’s Season 6 premiere. He was one of two eligible bachelors on the episode, which did quite well in the ratings and earned a 1.4. Negreanu said the number was the highest in the show’s history. Spoiler alert: “Kid Poker” ends up with a blonde named Lindsay.

We hope the last few minutes have given you an idea of what made headlines in the calendar year that was. Happy holidays from all of us at PocketFives.

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