Nick Schulman
Nick Schulman claimed Event #7 of the 2023 Poker Masters festival after beating Nick Petrangelo.

The seventh event of this year’s Poker Masters produced a new winner, as PokerGO’s own legendary commentator Nick Schulman starred at the felt. Instead of commenting on glory, he was achieving it, as Schulman bagged a top prize of $374,000 and beat five other Americans to the title of Poker Masters Event #7 winner.

Seven Make the Money

Only seven players would make the money in Event #7, as 44 entries – each worth $25,000 – created a prizepool of $1,100,000. It was the unfortunate Chance Kornuth who bubbled the money places, as he was busted by Brian Rast in eighth place. That put everyone in the money, and just before the first day of action concluded, there was time for Ren Lin to bust in seventh place for $44,000.

Lin was all-in with Kc3h on a board of KsJd5h9d6s and had called off his stack, but he was wrong to do so, as Nick Petrangelo had shoved the river with QcTd for a turned straight. At the end of the first day, Petrangelo’s winning of that last pot gave him a slim lead, as he bagged up 1,890,000 chips. His closest rival was Chris Brewer, who ended Day 1 with 1,465,000.

Elsewhere in the final six, Brian Rast (1,020,000) was the only other player above a million chips, with Nick Schulman (955,000), Justin Saliba (945,000) and Victoria Livschitz (325,000) all chasing a double-up or instant improvement. Both Saliba and Livschitz making the money ensured that anyone who invested in them on the official PokerStake Poker Masters staking page would be celebrating along with them.

PokerStakers Win Six Figures

It was Just in Saliba who lost his tournament life first when the final day began. After losing a huge pot to Nick Petrangelo when the latter made top two pair with AsQs hitting both pairs on the flop, Saliba was short stacked, and soon after, his 3s3d was unable to hold against Rast’s AsTc. The flop of KhTs9s put Saliba directly behind, and both the 4c turn and 7s river were no help to him, leaving a collection of $66,000 his only action left.

Five left, and another quick elimination saw another big exit for a PokerStake player. All-in with Ah4h, Victoria Livschitz was well behind Nick Schulman’s 9s9h with all the chips committed pre-flop, and the board of Tc7d2s8hTd saw Livschitz leave the party for a score of $88,000.

With four players left, Schulman’s elimination of Livschitz meant he was up to 1.29 million chips, within range of the leaders. A better kicker for him in a pot where both he and Chris Brewer paired a king on the flop meant he was up above 2 million chips. Suddenly, one of the outsiders with five remaining was coming into form at just the right time.

Brewer Busts, Schulman Slays Final Opponents

The final four players were racing to a conclusion and Brewer was soon on the outside looking in. All-in with AdQc, he was short enough in chips that Schulman was priced in to call with 9s8c. The board favored that call, as after a safe flop of Ks5h5d, the 8d on the turn set Schulman in the lead. Brewer needed a high card to survive, but no ace or queen came, as the river of a 4s ended his hopes of lifting the trophy and sent him home in fourth place for $121,000.

Three-handed play lasted some time before Brian Rast left in third place for $165,000. All-in with Ac2d, Petrangelo called with 6s6h and stayed ahead on the Js5s3h6dKh board. Rast may have flopped a wheel straight draw, but he saw no luck on 4th and 5th street and Petrangelo took a lead of 3,625,000 chips to Schulman’s 2,975,000 as heads-up began.

Two smallball pots, one which went to showdown and one which didn’t, flipped the script and put Schulman into a 5:1 chip lead. Raising all-in with AdJh, he got a call from Petrangelo with Ah4c and the flop of QcJs3d immediately made it extremely unlikely Petrangelo would double up. Schulman was the champion after a Ts turn was followed by a Jd river, claiming $374,000 for the win as Petrangelo won $242,000 in second place.

Poker Masters $25,000 Event #7 Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Payout
1st Nick Schulman United States $374,000
2nd Nick Petrangelo United States $242,000
3rd Brian Rast United States $165,000
4th Chris Brewer United States $121,000
5th Victoria Livschitz United States $88,000
6th Justin Saliba United States $66,000