Daniel Zack
Daniel Zack - the 2023 Mixed Games Series I champion - took down Event #4 of this year's MGS III to put himself in a position to challenge for the overall championship again.

The fourth event of the 2024 PokerGO Mixed Games Series saw Daniel Zack take the title and top prize of $195,200 as he beat Jim Collopy heads-up for the win. The PokerGO Studio was packed with superstars as players such as Dylan Weisman and John Hennigan made the final seven, with others such as Mike Gorodinsky also making a deep run to the final seven.

Nine Make the Money

With 61 entrants into the $10,200-entry 8-Game Event #4, nine players made the money, with Andres Korn taken out on the bubble in 10th place. Losing to Jim Collopy, the Argentinian, buried under a black hood and behind mirrored sunglasses, was unable to hide from elimination, off to register for the next event instead.

Collopy soon took out another name, and this time it was perhaps the biggest of them all in terms of poker fame. Phil Hellmuth Jr. was all in with AhAsKsJh against Collopy’s KhJd[]8h]7c on a flop of Kc9d3s in Omaha Hi-Lo and ahead at that time, but a 7d turn gave Collopy kings and sevens before the blank 4c river ended The Poker Brat’s event in ninth place for a score of $18,300.

Andrew Kelsall made it three cashes from four events in impressive fashion as he again made profit, this time cashing for $24,400 in eighth place. His exit came at the hands of Mike Gorodinsky as the final seven players – and seven Americans – were confirmed. Dylan Weisman had a big lead at the time, with 2,675,000 chips, some way clear of his nearest challenger, Gorodinsky, with 1,590,000.

Johnny’s World Crumbles

It didn’t take long for John ‘Johnny World’ Hennigan to leave in seventh place as the first bust-out of the final day took place. Losing to Gorodinsky, the Event #2 champion cashed for $24,400 when his seven-high was bettered by Gorodinsky’s six-high on seventh street when the latter drew a deuce.

Chris Vitch was left licking his wounds soon after, departing in sixth place for $33,550. Calling off his last few chips after the 9c8c2c flop in Limit Hold’em with Qs6s, Vitch lost to Dan Zack’s KS]Ts as a 9s turn and [s] river completed the board.

Soon, Gorodinsky was a surprise victim in fifth place. Winning $45,750, the eponymous American was ousted in Stud Hi-Lo, his hand missing all his draws on seventh street, his pair of queens no good against the sixth street pair of kings made by Jim Collopy. The pot was a big one for Collopy, with his 3,375,000 chip stack rocketing up to being a three-bet short of Weisman’s leaderboard-topping pile of 3.75 million.

Zack Again Proves Mixed Game Chops

Dan Zack became the inaugural PGT Mixed Games champion back in February of last year following five cashes in the opening series, which included a runner-up finish in the 10-Game Championship, the ‘Main Event’ of that particular schedule 13 months ago.

After watching Dylan Weisman take out Joshua Rhodes in fourth for $61,000 in 2-7 Triple Draw, it was Collopy who grabbed the lead. Zack was short stack but wouldn’t stay there for long, doubling up through the leader then repeating the trick through the luckless Weisman, as the overnight chip leader suffered a seventh street beat, soon after busting to Zack in Pot Limit Omaha.

Heads-up, Collopy still had the lead, but another PLO hand saw Zack leapfrog his opponent with the help of a chunky river bet that saw no call and thus no showdown. All the chips went into the middle pre-flop in Limit Hold’em as Collopy’s 6d6c needed to hold against Zack’s Ac9h to keep the event alive. That didn’t happen, a board of Kc8d7h7d9d giving Zack and superior two pair and ace kicker on the river and the top prize of $195,200. Collopy had to watch on with $122,000 while his opponent lifted the oh-so familiar trophy.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Event #4 $10,200 8-Game Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Dan Zack United States $195,200
2nd Jim Collopy United States $122,000
3rd Dylan Weisman United States $85,400
4th Joshua Rhodes United States $61,000
5th Mike Gorodinsky United States $45,750
6th Chris Vitch United States $33,550
7th John Hennigan United States $24,400