The latest update to PocketFives Staking opens backers up to the world of online poker.

A whole host of brand new features to the PocketFives Staking Marketplace were released this past week giving poker fans a whole new world of staking to explore. In addition to offering the action of some of the biggest names in live poker, including recent listings from Daniel Negreanu, Ali Imsirovic, and Brock Wilson, the latest update has opened the world of online poker staking.

In partnership with online poker operators, backers can now see a whole host of listings from poker players offering action in the online streets.

Everything from players dedicated to the big-time Sunday schedule to those up-and-coming grinders making a name for themselves by registering for the daily low rollers – all of them can now be found in the P5s Staking marketplace.

Backers from all over the world, including inside the United States, now have the ability to get in on online action. It makes daily sweating even easier as backers can watch their horses at every stage of the tournament.

All of the features backers are used to are present. Buy-in amount, markup, percentage being sold and the maximum amount offered. It looks and behaves just like a standard listing, and when an online player wins, the backer’s account is credited right away.

Opening the world (and possibilities) of online poker staking means that there are far more opportunities and a marketplace that’s constantly full of players looking for backers. That’s why at the same time, a new way to filter staking offerings has also been implemented.

Filter by player name (including a list of featured players), current active Venues, and buy-in amounts from Micro stakes all the way up through High Rollers.

Plus, the marketplace results can be refined by Markup, Start Times, and Percentage Available. The detailed filtration system makes it easier for backers to play within their bankroll, diversify their action, and follow their favorite players.

The latest features continue to expand how backers can get inside the game even when they are not on the felt themselves. When applicable, backers can click on a horse’s name for information on where they can connect with them including social media links and sometimes a player’s livestream.

With a new crop of players continually offering action, the PocketFives Staking Marketplace stands to be even more active than its ever been.

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