Dimitri Vorbe stole the show at SHRPO on Tuesday as Joe McKeehen, Shannon Shorr, and Scott Baumstein also picked up titles. (SHRPO photos)

For the past three weeks, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida has been home for a number of poker’s best players as the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open made its return after having to take 2020 off due to the pandemic.

On Tuesday, four players added SHRPO titles to their resumes and thousands of dollars to their bankroll, including a player that wasn’t on anybody’s radar when the series began.

Dimitri Vorbe Wins $5,250 SHRPO Championship

Back in May, a completely unknown player named Dimitri Vorbe picked up a small cash in the opening event of the Seminole Hard Rock Deep Stack Poker Series. It was his first career cash and until Tuesday night, it was his only cash. On Tuesday, Vorbe topped the 1,180-entry field in the $5,250 buy-in SHRPO Championship Event for $929,365.

The Haitian-born Vorbe came to the final table with the chip lead and eliminated three of the other eight players at the final table including Ian O’Hara in third and AP Louis Garza in second place.

The 1,180 entries make this largest SHRPO Championship event since 2014 when the event featured a $10 million guarantee. The 1,499 runners in that field created a $2,505,000 overlay. The largest SHRPO Championship field came a year earlier when 2,384 players showed up.

SHRPO Championship Final Table Payouts

  1. Dimitri Vorbe – $929,365
  2. AP Louis Garza – $674,285
  3. Ian O’Hara – $437,350
  4. Mark Dube – $324,035
  5. Matt Affleck – $244,775
  6. Darren Rabinowitz – $197,850
  7. Jeff Trudeau – $163,390
  8. Harrison Brown – $130,455
  9. Michael Wang – $100,215

Shannon Shorr Chops, Tops $2,650 NLHE

A little less than a week ago, Shannon Shorr was talking about how the hassle of going through the airport was starting to wear on him. On Tuesday, the father-to-be picked up 186,261 ways to soothe his travel woes as heads back to Las Vegas. Shorr made the final three of the $2,650 NLHE event and then chopped up nearly $500,000 with Aditya Prasetyo and Mukul Pahuja before defeating both of them to win the trophy and an additional $30,655.

Prasetyo earned $170,243 while Pahuja walked away with $141,966.

This is Shorr’s second six-figure win at Seminole Hard Rock in 2021. In April, Shorr defeated 286 other entries to win $296,535 in a $5,000 buy-in side event at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown.

SHRPO $2,650 NLHE Final Table Payouts

  1. Shannon Shorr – $186,261*
  2. Aditya Prasetyo – $170,243*
  3. Mukul Pahuja – $141,966*
  4. James Miller – $72,650
  5. David Shmuel – $55,765
  6. Victor Figueroa – $46,485
  7. Dan Colpoys – $38,740
  8. Steve Karp – $31,015
  9. Ray Qartomy – $23,335

Joe McKeehen Wins $25,500 High Roller

Joe McKeehen and Darren Elias worked their way through 89 other entries in the $25,500 High Roller event and then came to terms on a deal that allowed each of them to pocket a half million dollars with McKeehen also getting the title thanks to having Elias slightly outchipped.

It is McKeehen’s 23rd career live victory and the fifth largest score of his career behind his runner-up finish in the 2014 WSOP Monster Stack ($820,863), sixth place finish in the 2016 $111,111 WSOP One Drop High Roller, his runner-up finish in the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller ($1,220,840), and of course his 2015 WSOP Main Event win ($7,683,346).

SHRPO $25,500 High Roller Final Table Payouts

  1. Joe McKeehen – $550,990*
  2. Darren Elias – $539,135*
  3. Thomas Boivin – $285,460
  4. Jake Daniels – $197,800
  5. David Peters – $128,120
  6. Joseph Cheong – $96,650
  7. Dylan Smith – $78,670
  8. Nadya Magnus – $67,430
  9. Chad Eveslage – $65,185

Scott Baumstein Wins $1,100 No Limit Hold’em

The final four players in the $1,100 NLHE event agreed to an ICM chop and thanks to an extra ante chip or two, Scott Baumstein wound up with a trophy to go along with his share of the prize pool. Baumstein chopped up more than $265,000 with Aaron Pinson, Christopher Meyers, and Donald Maloney.

Baumstein also cashed in seven other SHRPO events, including three more final tables.

SHRPO $1,100 NLHE Final Table Payouts

  1. Scott Baumstein – $81,220
  2. Aaron Pinson – $81,220
  3. Christopher Meyers – $54,915
  4. Donald Maloney – $48,500
  5. Kyle Merron – $26,570
  6. Logan Hewett – $21,995
  7. Matt Giametta – $18,145
  8. Miguel Caputo – $14,425
  9. Katie Wier – $10,800