2019 PokerStars WCOOP
'BigBlindBets' scored first place and $1.665 million for winning the 2019 PokerStars WCOOP Main Event

PokerStars player ‘BigBlindBets’ is the new World Championship of Online Poker Main Event champion. BigBlindBets topped the field of 2,236 entries in the $5,200 buy-in tournament to win $1.665 million in prize money.

Known as a high-stakes cash game player online, BigBlindBets defeated Danilo ‘dans170” Demetrio in heads-up play to take the title. Demetrio earned quite the sum of money himself, though, taking home $1.187 million for the runner-up performance.

On the final hand, Demetrio, who was at about a 7-to-1 chip disadvantage, had limped in with the AdKd. BigBlindBets moved all in and Demetrio called. BigBlindBets had the dominated As2s. BigBlindBets would river a flush to win the pot and the tournament.

Finishing in third place was businessman and high rolling veteran Talal ‘raidalot’ Shakerchi, who earned $846,528. Shakerchi busted to BigBlindBets. Shakerchi raised and then shoved the KcJc after BigBlindBets had three-bet with the AhJh. BigBlindBets called and three aces on the flop made quick work of Shakerchi.

2019 WCOOP High Main Event
Buy-in: $5,200
Entries: 2,236
Prize Pool: $11,180,000

  1. BigBlindBets – $1,665,962
  2. Danilo ‘dans170” de Lima Demetrio – $1,187,553
  3. Talal ‘raidalot’ Shakerchi – $846,528
  4. NeedBeat – $603,434
  5. 19Pistike93 – $403,148
  6. XMorphineX – $306,624
  7. Leitnant – $218,572
  8. moglimiranda – $155,805
  9. TheMakrill7 – $111,063

In the 2019 WCOOP Low Main Event, which features a buy-in of $55, Finland’s ‘Jesseonboss’ finished in first place from the enormous field of 37,065 entries. The result came after a four-way deal, and Jesseonboss took home a payday of $130,035.

Chopping the tournament with Jesseonboss were ‘Tobotheman,’ Ramiro ‘RamiroUY’ Miqueiro, and Bela ‘SlyderS1’ Toth. Tobotheman ultimately placed second, but he took home the lowest prize of the final four that made the deal, earning $96,981. Miqueiro finished third and earned $128,412. Toth finished fourth and took home $107,118.

2019 WCOOP Low Main Event
Buy-in: $55
Entries: 37,065
Prize Pool: $1,853,250

  1. Jesseonboss – $130,035*
  2. Tobotheman – $96,961*
  3. Ramiro ‘RamiroUY’ Miqueiro – $128,412*
  4. Bela ‘SlyderS1’ Toth – $107,118*
  5. Thomastom3 – $45,156
  6. alexxt7 – $31,930
  7. Klimbo – $22,578
  8. Oreo+Coke – $15,965

*Denotes a four-way deal.

A look at the overall numbers from the 2019 WCOOP series reveals that more than 1.219 million entries were tallied across 219 events. The total prize pools generated came in at more than $104 million, with 173,364 in-the-money finishers.

The overall leaderboard title went to Finland’s Jussi ‘calvin7v’ Nevanlinna, who earned 1,400 points and beat out second place’s ‘Zagazaur’ who had earned 1,345 points. For the win, Nevanlinna earned $20,000.

Russia’s ‘FONBET_RULIT’ won the low buy-in leaderboard and the $3,500 prize that came with it. Dzmitry ‘Colisea’ Urbanovich topped the medium buy-in leaderboard and earned its $5,000 prize. Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira was the player to top the high buy-in leaderboard, for which he earned $7,500.