Diego Ventura
Diego Ventura won his first WSOP bracelet as Peru's finest conquered the Poker Hall of Fame Bounty event.

A thrilling day of action at both the Horseshoe and Paris casinos saw long-time poker luminaries Faraz Jaka and Diego Ventura claim maiden WSOP bracelets as the Poker Hall of Fame Bounty event and the $1,500-entry Shootout were concluded in dramatic fashion on Day 47 of the 2023 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Faraz Jaka Wins Shootout for Maiden Gold Bracelet

The legendary poker player and coach Faraz Jaka won his first-ever WSOP bracelet for $237,767 last night as he took down the $1,500-entry Shootout event, beating Michael Finstein heads-up for the title.

First to bust was Alan Mello, who busted in ninth place when his AcTs lost out to Michael Finstein’s JhJs despite hitting a ten on the flop. Sometime passed before the next elimination as Jaka first doubled then dominated to fly up the leaderboard and thrill his many watching fans on the rail. Adam Friedman’s exit in eighth place for $29,834 when his 8s8h lost to Olga Iermolcheva’s AsJd as a board of 6s6c2sAc4s was an important result for Jaka too as one of the best remaining players took the L.

Mo Zhou and Matteo Cavalier busted in 7th and 6th places respectively, before Brazilian poker legend Yuri Dzivielevski (5th for $63,295) left the event too, his QsTs losing to Finstein’s TdTc on a board of Ks9d4d5d8c. Ao Chen and Iermolcheva busted next, as Finstein went into the final duel with less half of Jaka’s chips.

A short time into the heads-up match, Jaka and Finstein got all the chips into the middle. A flop of Td9s8d landed, and Jaka bet-called Finstein’s raise. On the Kd turn, Jaka check-called, before a river of a 6s led to a check again from Jaka. Finstein took the bait, moving-all-in with just Jc3d, a complete bluff, as his straight draw had missed, but Jaka’s quick call with a rivered straight holding 9c7h sent the rail into raptures.

WSOP 2023 Event #85 $1,500 NLHE Shootout Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Faraz Jaka United States $237,367
2nd Michael Finstein Unites States $146,686
3rd Olga Iermolcheva Ukraine $109,780
4th Ao Chen United States $82,954
5th Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil $63,295
6th Matteo Cavelier France $47,772
7th Mo Zhou China $37,955
8th Adam Friedman United States $29,834
9th Allan Mello Brazil $23,689


Diego Ventura Wins Debut Gold in HOF Bounty

The Peruvian player Diego Ventura won his first-ever WSOP bracelet, landing a top prize of $402,054 in emotional scenes in Las Vegas. Beating Kysar heads-up, Ventura’s victory came as the 2014 Main Event winner Martin Jacobson busted in seventh place as the Swede fell short of winning his second bracelet, instead cashing for $55,165.

“When I got to the final table I already wanted to cry,” said Ventura to reporters upon the conclusion of the match.  “When the moment arrived, I was like so calm that I couldn’t let my emotions out until I started to look back at my life and in that moment I got emotional.”

Ventura’s win came after an incredibly dramatic final hand where his As8d effectively counterfeited Thomas Kysar’s Kd2d on a board of Jd5c2cJc5h when all the chips went into the middle pre-flop.

WSOP 2023 Event #86 $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Diego Ventura Peru $402,054
2nd Thomas Kysar United States $248,502
3rd Jason James Canada $179,593
4th Francis Anderson United States $131,324
5th Jose Nadal Mexico $97,174
6th Louie Torres United States $72,773
7th Martin Jacobson Sweden $55,165
8th Leonid Yanovski Israel $42,336
9th Jimmy Setna Canada $32,897


Flip & Go Finale Gives Meng First Bracelet

Event #89 of the WSOP was a unique one, with the GGPoker Flip & Go structure applied to a bracelet event. Courting controversy with new bracelet event choices has never stopped players playing them and 1,022 players put up the $1,000 entry fee that applies to this event, with 128 of them surviving the ‘Flip’ stage to make the poker tournament that effectively follows that money bubble bursting.

Down to the final day, it was Pete Chen who many people had eyes on, but the American finished in a disappointing fifth place, cashing for $38,600 one place further than the former WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams, who came sixth for $28,870. With the final five comprising of five players from four different countries, the Taiwanese player Chen was followed from the felt by American Kevin Eyster (4th for $52,280) and Brady Hinnegan from Canada (3rd for $71,700).

WSOP 2023 Event #89 $1,000 Flip & Go Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Dong Meng United States $160,490
2nd Wesley Fei China $100,120
3rd Brady Hinnegan Canada $71,700
4th Kevin Eyster United States $52,280
5th Pete Chen Taiwan $38,600
6th David Williams United States $28,870
7th Eric Wasserson United States $21,880
8th Drew Gonzalez United States $16,790
9th Andrew Sandomire United States $13,070


Wen and Moore Leading The Closer Field on Day 1b

A busy day took place on Day 1b of The Closer, as the $1,500-entry event saw Chen Feng Wen and Mathew Moore both bag the chip lead with 1,750,000 chips. A mere three-bet behind them was Cuba Levenberry (1,710,000), with others such as Jack Duong (1,485,000), Richard Roberts (1,400,000) and Ronald Sims (1,340,000) all making the top 10.

The Day 1b crowd was a massive one, with 2,390 players in seats and 183 of them surviving, meaning players such as Phil Ivey, Josh Arieh and Mustapha Kanit all busted on the day, as a prize pool of $4.7 million was accumulated.

With stars of the felt such as Niall Farrell (805,000), Ben Yu (535,000) and Kathy Liebert (130,000) all making the Day 2 seat draw, there’s sure to be an exciting conclusion as one of the last big bracelets of the series will be won in two days’ time.

WSOP 2023 Event #88 $1,500 The Closer Day 1b Leaderboard:
Place Player Country Chips/Prize
1st Chen Feng Wen China 1,750,000
2nd Mathew Moore United States 1,750,000
3rd Cuba Levenberry United States 1,710,000
4th David Baize United States 1,700,000
5th Daris Justice United States 1,530,000
6th Jack Duong United States 1,485,000
7th David Toscano United States 1,400,000
8th Richard Roberts United States 1,380,000
9th Yuchung Chang Taiwan 1,360,000
10th Ronald Sims United States 1,340,000


Pupillo and Le Pushing for Glory in Mixed Event

Nghia Le (7,400,000) and Nick Pupillo (6,045,000) are locked in a battle for the bracelet in Event #87, with third wheel Bradley Smith (2,655,000) still a dangerous chaos element as three went into an extended final day’s play in Event #87. The $2,500 Mixed Omaha/Seven Card Stud event saw players such as Israeli former bracelet winner Yuval Bronshtein (8th for $19,662) miss out on the chance of last-day gold.

WSOP 2023 Event #87 $2,500 Mixed Omaha/Seven Card Stud:
Place Player Country Chips/Prize
1st Nghia Le United States 7,400,000
2nd Nick Pupillo United States 6,045,000
3rd Bradley Smith Canada 2,655,000
4th Omar Mehmood United States $66,605
5th Timothy Frazin United States $47,721
6th Jonah Seewald United States $34,836
7th Philip Sternheimer United States $25,919
8th Yuval Bronshtein Israel $19,662


O’Connor and Chidwick in Top Five of NLHE Championship

Two great British players sit in the top five places of 30 remaining players in Event #90 on the WSOP Schedule. Jamie O’Connor (2,545,000) is the chip leader in the $10,000-entry NLHE Championship, with Stephen Chidwick (1,615,000) also well in contention. Between those two British crushers, each of whom have vast experience in live poker, specifically the six-max variant, there are three other players in with a brilliant chance of glory. AJ Kelsall (2,325,000), Fabrice Bigot (1,975,000) and Farid Jattin (1,935,000) all have the poker chops to change the resolution of the event tomorrow, with the American, French and Colombian players respectively earning millions over their careers to date.

On Day 2, 55 new entries made it a total prize pool of over $5.1 million, with 252 players starting the action and just 30 bagging up, including a certain Mr. P. Hellmuth Junior who has 860,000 chips (43 big blinds) with which to pursue bracelet #18 tomorrow.

WSOP 2023 Event #90 $10,000 6-Max NLHE Championship:
Place Player Country Chips
1st Jamie O’Connor United Kingdom 2,545,000
2nd AJ Kelsall United States 2,325,000
3rd Fabrice Bigot France 1,975,000
4th Farid Jattin Colombia 1,935,000
5th Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom 1,615,000
6th Frank Lagodich United States 1,505,000
7th Michael Rossitto United States 1,455,000
8th Bruno Volkmann Brazil 1,380,000
9th Justin Liberto United Kingdom 1,355,000
10th Eli Berg United States 1,350,000


Akkari in the Ascendancy in H.O.R.S.E. Race

The Brazilian Andre Akkari is leading a field of 195 players who emerged from 332 entries on Day 1 of the $3,000-entry H.O.R.S.E. event, with a stack of 232,300. A prize pool of $886,440 means a top prize of $208,460 is on the line along with the WSOP bracelet, with 50 players due to reach the money. Among them, double bracelet winner Chad Eveslage (167,000) is fourth in chips as he bids to become the only players this series to win three bracelets during the summer.

WSOP 2023 Event #91 $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Leaderboard:
Place Player Country Chips
1st Andre Akkari Brazil 232,300
2nd Matthew Schultz United States 205,800
3rd David Bagheri United States 174,000
4th Chad Eveslage United States 167,000
5th Adam Kipnis United States 160,400
6th Paresh Doshi United Kingdom 157,500
7th Leonard August United States 153,100
8th Jordan Etzig United States 148,300
9th Craig Chait United States 145,200
10th Bryan Micon Antigua and Barbuda 141,600


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