Malikeh Jamali earns the biggest cash of her career and a WSOP Bracelet in Event #82. (Photo Courtesy WORLD POKER TOUR)

The 2020 World Series of Poker $1,050 Beat the Pros Bounty Tournament took over 13 hours to complete including a final table that lasted for over three hours. Malikeh Jamali was the last woman standing when it was all said and done, grabbing the first-place prize of $151,127 and $88,053 in bounties for a total of $239,180 to go along with her first World Series of Poker Bracelet.

The field was comprised of 2,024 players in total for a total prize pool of $2,024,000. The progressive bounty tournament started with bounties of $250 on everyone’s head that grew with each elimination a player picked up. Players who eliminated designated GGPoker pros also received a ticket into a “Beat the Pros” freeroll tournament.

Nine-handed play lasted for nearly 20 minutes before the final table saw its first elimination. Jamali raised to 440,000 from early position with AhKd and Vadim Stoyanov moved all in from the hijack spot for his last 1,294,041 with 8s8h. The action folded back around to Jamali who called and moved ahead in the hand with top pair when the flop came down Kh3s2c. The 6d on the turn and the 6s on the river brought no help to Stoyanov who was out in ninth place.

Just over five minutes later, Elio Fox moved all-in for 1,683,806 from under the gun with the Ac9c. Dylan Linde moved all-in for more with KdKh in the cutoff which prompted folds from the button and the blinds. The Jh6h3h flop gave Linde a flush draw to go with his pair of kings, and the 5s on the turn and 8h on the river eliminated Fox from the tournament in eighth place.

The final table went on break after Fox’s elimination and returned to play for about 10 minutes before Peter Chien was eliminated in seventh place. Andre Difelice min-raised from the hijack with Td8d and faced an all-in shove to 1,357,135 from Chien with AhKs in the cutoff. The action folded back around to Difelice who was priced in needing only 877,135 more to call into a pot of over 2,400,000. The flop came down Qc9c6s to give Difelice a double-gutter straight draw. Chien faded on the straight on the turn, but the Jh on the river completed Difelice’s straight and sealed Chien’s fate.

Six-handed play lasted for over a half-hour before Mike Leah’s stack dwindled down to under two big blinds. Difelice min-raised his button to 560,000 and was called in the small blind by Jamali. Leah had only 128,982 left behind and moved his chips in preflop. Jamali and Difelice went check-check on an 8h5h2h flop and a 5c turn. Jamali bet 560,000 after the 7h fell on the flop and Difelice folded. Leah had made a 10-high flush with the Th3s, but Jamali was best with the QhTd to knock Leah out in sixth place.

Another half hour passed before the final table’s next elimination. Jamali raised to 704,000 from the cutoff with 9d9c and was called by Martin Zamani in the big blind with Kh7s. Both players were happy with the 9h8d6d flop that gave top set to Jamali and an open-ended straight draw to Zamani. Zamani check-raised to 3,744,600 after Jamali bet 583,440 and was met with a 4-bet shove for Zamani’s last 1,389,432. Zamani called and was drawing dead when the 9s fell on the river to give Jamali quad nines. The meaningless Qs on the river ended Zamani’s night in fifth place.

Ten minutes later, Leonid Yanovski was first to act and moved all-in for his last 2,612,014 with the Jh9h. Difelice called on the button with KsQs and the two blinds fold. Yanovski was way behind on an AsQc3s flop that brought a pair and flush draw for Difelice, but he did turn some straight outs with the Td on the turn. The 7d on the river didn’t give Yanvoski the help that he needed and the final table was down to three.

Three-handed play went on for about 15 minutes until Difelice moved all-in on the button with the Ad6c and a 4,947,332 stack remaining. Jamali folded in the small blind and Linde snap-called from the big blind with KcKd. The JsTh5cTd6s board ran out clean for Linde’s kings and knocked Difelice out in third place to set up heads-up play.

It took over 40 minutes of heads-up play before a winner was finally decided. Jamali had a roughly 2-to-1 chip advantage when heads up began, but the play went back and forth with both players drawing about even in chips at one point. But Jamali had a convincing 7-to-1 chip advantage when the final hand was dealt.

Linde limped in on the button and Jamali checked behind. The flop came KcKs3c and Jamali check-called a 600,000 bet. Jamali check-called again when Linde bet 1,320,000 on the 5h turn. The river 4h completed the board and prompted another check from Jamali which was followed by an all-in shove for Linde’s last 4,441,416. Jamali quickly called and revealed the slow-played Kd4c, which was more than enough to defeat Linde’s Qd3s to win the tournament.

Final Table Payouts

1. Malikeh Jamali – $239,180
2. Dylan Linde – $147,447
3. Andre Difelice – $114,413
4. Leonid Yanovich – $66,056
5. Martin Zamani – $51,081
6. Mike Leah – $41,892
7. Peter Chien – $40,251
8. Elio Fox – $28,450
9. Vadim Stoyanov – $20,704