NJ Online Poker Banking Guide

So you’ve downloaded the latest and greatest in online poker software that New Jersey has to offer. You picked out an awesome screen name and are ready to battle in the online poker streets inside of a state which has regulated gaming. You have the major parts set up aside from one, money on the website – perhaps the most important part of playing poker for money. Are you not sure which way is the best or worried about the security of available options? Not to worry, we have you covered for all the ways to deposit in the state of New Jersey.

Online Poker Credit Card Deposits

All three of New Jersey’s regulated online poker service providers (888pokerNJ, partypokerNJ, PokerStarsNJ) accept Mastercard and Visa as methods of deposit. If you are using you credit card to deposit, it is treated as a cash advance. If you use your bank-linked debit card to transact, it will be processed like a purchase. If you withdraw using those cards, it will be transacted within 3-5 business days.

Electronic Checks

Outside of credit cards, e-checks are the most popular form of depositing and withdrawal. E-checks allow for players to link their bank account of choice to the site they are using and transfer funds in that manner. Players are required to input both their checking account number and routing number, as is listed on a physical check, in order to deposit funds. Due to security reasons, money may be held on the first deposit in order to verify funds and protect the personal information of players. Money deposited via e-check can be frozen for up to seven business days before it is released for player’s to withdraw.


Skrill – The only eWallet that is currently in operation in New Jersey and the NJ online gaming industry.

Neteller – This form of deposit is accepted by 888pokerNJ, partypokerNJ and PokerStarsNJ. Players can use Mastercard and Visa to deposit. In order to formally withdraw, a debit card is provided.

PayNearMe – For players who would prefer to use to an old-fashioned method of depositing, PayNearMe works. At convenience stores across the state (predominately 7/11s), PayNearMe is available for deposits up to $500 in a single transaction. PokerStarsNJ and partypokerNJ are both accepting of PayNearMe.

PayPal – This option is available exclusively on 888pokerNJ. All players who deposit funds via PayPal must have a linked bank account or preexisting balance. As a point of reference, credit and debit cards are not accepted in conjunction with PayPal deposits on New Jersey sites.

Cage Transactions

Thanks to the locality of casinos within the state and partnerships between gaming providers, cage transactions are available for all three New Jersey online poker websites. The list of matching casinos and gaming sites are as follows:

  • partypokerNJ – Borgata
  • 888pokerNJ – Bally’s
  • PokerStarsNJ – Resorts

The easiest method to deposit and withdraw at a casino is to have your online screen name ready along with a second form of ID outside of your driver’s license or passport. This can be your account password or social security number. Once the cage member processes your transaction request, funds are dispersed immediately into your account or made available as cash if you are withdrawing.

Checks by Mail

888pokerNJ and partypokerNJ will share checks as a method of fund withdrawal. PokerStarsNJ does not honor this method. Make sure your billing address matches your mailing address when selecting this option.

Prepaid Debit Card

PokerStarsNJ and partypokerNJ accept self-branded debit cards as a form of deposit. Any player who orders a card to conduct business will receive a Discover card with the respective branding of the two gaming companies on it. This card can be funded by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or a bank transfer. When it is time to request a cashout, players may withdraw money from an ATM the same way someone would withdraw a prepaid card that holds their paycheck. Players also have the option of transferring money to a bank account electronically.

Now that you have the ins and outs of how to deposit and withdraw money on New Jersey’s online poker websites, it’s best to keep a few things in mind when going through all processes.

  • Do not divulge your account information to anyone.
  • Make sure your internet connection is secure to outsiders.
  • Use the form of deposit/withdrawal that you are most comfortable with.
  • Make sure to log all of your transactions.

It is crucial to follow all of these tips to both protect yourself but also your personal information. By using New Jersey’s regulated online websites, you are given the peace of mind that your information is safe but there are factors beyond the website’s control that can be breached. We hope this information proves useful as you start your online journey.