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    Matthew Stout
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    United States


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    I blog and offer private one-on-one coaching @ my website.[url]www.stoutpoker.com[/url]
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    No Gamble, No Future
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Hockey, Road Trips, Roller Coasters, Football, Baseball
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    Live PLO
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    NL rebuy MTTs

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  1. gg in the 80k, could def use any tips from you in the future if available.

  2. I have a serious question.... do you play online tournaments stoned?

  3. dear god, please teach me how to take down tournies and be able to grind for hours then hypersnap back into aggression just like you god

  4. Marz - thanks bud. If you want to play tournaments with that roll I'd stick to a $2 max buy in.

  5. tryn to plan a trip to vegas for wsop with johnson757...hope your running like God....OFF PAPERS WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......kit

  6. tx on the comment bro...and nice scores im getting back into the online poker scene whats 2 play if u starting with a 150.00 BR
  7. F the price on the tag, just put it in the bag. nice profile pic. my comment will seem weird if u change it tho.
  8. the bear is ready to rumble!
  9. i don't give a crap about whales so go hug a tree
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