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    British Columbia, Canada


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    part time poker player/full time student
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    KGB's basement
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    Basketball, volleyball, pokerrrss
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    2/4 to $5/$10 PLO
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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  1. Great run In the Wcoop Me sir!Truly skilled!

  2. GL in WCOOP main man. I'll be railing. Go Canada!

  3. hey bro. let me know if we can do same thing for upcoming wcoop. i am zoned and mentally the best ive been in years.

  4. I posted in the stakees forum, check it out mate

  5. Hey buddy. I posted something in the Stakees forum. Can you take a look at it and let me know if your interested. Thanks bro

  6. what are 3 biggest strenghts? one piece of advice? thanks brother, appreciate it

  7. sick fkin sickooo :)

  8. Grats on shipping the Super Tuesday bro!!!
  9. yo hit me up on msn or email me its in your private messages, an also u should hit up turning stone the beginning of march you can take those tournies down
  10. yo check your messages man i deleted u on msn :(
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